Coming Soon: Nike Air Max 1 iD Fall Update 2011

The next Nike Air Max 1 iD Fall palette update date has changed twice already and since it has now been moved to the 20th of June, Nike has a little surprise. If you head to Nike iD right now, you can actually play with the new colors and material update. This now includes Denim to all the overlays. Exciting! But wait, is this really denim and is that a gum bottom? Check out the details and in-store exclusive options…

We finally get a color update that includes 14 hues. Setting it off are, Safety Orange, Sport Red, Pink Spark, Bold Berry, Sapphire Blue, Binary Blue, Cinder, Dark Cinder, Sesame, Vibrant Yellow, Turquoise Blue, Green Apple, Matte Silver, Black, and White. Some standard colors that are not really pushing my design buttons. Take note that some colors can only be seen by choosing the material you want the overlays to be.

Next up is the addition of two new materials to use on the silhouette. You still have the Suede option and the Boot leather choice, but now freshly introduced to the AM1 iD is Denim. I’m curious to see what it looks like because they list it as a canvas. <-That negates the whole denim look because canvas is thin and not anywhere near as heavy as denim. I’m sure it’s not going to look like the Patta AM1 denim pack, but we’ll just have to wait for the samples to really know for sure. The other material is Corduroy, but you can only use this option at the Nike iD studio in-store. This will not be available to the online consumer.

The last three things start with a Sport mesh that is listed as the next available option replacing the Winter one. It looks like it’s the original mesh that most have been waiting for (Please let it be). The other mesh is the ACG one we saw on the AM90 iD.  The next offer that I have been really waiting for is the inclusion of a Gum colored bottom. Now we saw this hit the Air MAx 90 iD and no one had a clue if it would be a real gummy sole or not because of the description. Luckily, it did turn out to be a true gum bottom. So, I hope this is the case for this outer-sole option; Please don’t let it be a colored bottom like the one that’s on the current Air Force 1 iD.

You already know to stay tuned for the sample images, swatches and one design that I will be ordering. Not crazy about the colors at all, but I love the material options. What do you all think?

Image Edits By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011


7 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Nike Air Max 1 iD Fall Update 2011

  1. Love the new materials..although i find it strange they call it canvas…but in the NikeiD builder it says Denim Twil.. i’m a little bit confused right now haha!
    Hope it’s good canvas/Denim..should be awesome if it’s the same as the Patta versions xD .
    The Gum Light Brown & Sport mesh does it for me, finally i can made my dream pair!
    Thanks for the info!

  2. Hi Vagrant! First, I just wanted to say that I check your site a lot to get an idea of ID materials and colors, and you have some awesome designs. Keep it up! I checked out the new AM1 options yesterday and wanted know what you thought about the change of the ID location from the foxing on the heel to the tongue tab.

    • Hey DK, I actually think it’s really bad. You don’t even have the amount of letters offered to you as before. Really, they shouldn’t have even bothered. I think they did it because it’s probably harder to stitch the iD on the canvas. So, they decide to pull this move. It sucks for those that use it, but what can you do man.?

      …and thanks for the compliments

  3. Hey Vagrant! i’m from munich,germany and i love your homepage and your am1 id designs! now i’m thinking about creating my first am1 id! For that i have a question: do you have a clue if nike will add a bicollor bottom like they did in 2010? and what about the hyperfuse option?

    • Hey Patrik.

      Right now, they are sticking to this new single color out-sole. The AM1 Hyperfuse will be a different builder all together. It’s not going to be an option added to this AM1. Whether it will replace the regular AM1 or just be a separate, I don’t know yet. Thanks for the kind words

  4. Hi Vagrant!
    I Always like your review on the NikeiD options!
    When can we see some awesome shots from you again of the materials from these new AM1 iD Canvas? Are there some samples out yet in the NikeiD Studio over there? Because i saw some pictures on the NikeiD Studio UK, looks nice but i can’t see that much…such a bad can do it better.. 🙂

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