Exclusive: Nike 21 Mercer Launch For Air Flow And Air Foamposite Pro Re-cap

Even though I had strong doubts of grabbing a pair of the Nike Air Flows in the Cactus color-way, I decide to go to Nike 21 Mercer for the release anyway. I already secured the Emerald pair and was hoping to get the other c/w to complete the pack. When I got there and saw the campers, I knew I had very little chance. This was also a double release. The other shoe was the popular moon boot, the Nike Air Foamposite Pro in the retro color-way. Wait until you see the line for that in my panoramic image…

Arriving to 21 Mercer, the crowd of campers that are MOSTLY made up of RESELLERS, if not all, are waiting to get their hands on a shoe they think I’m wearing. How do I know they are campers? It’s always the same faces I see at these camp outs. Also, I showed up in my Lunar Flows and for some reason they assumed that was the shoe they were losing sleep over. Really guys? You’re that dumb that you don’t even know which shoe you are camping out for over 11 hours? You should at least know that. SMMFH

For those that don’t know, these are the modern day version of the original Air Flow, the Nike Lunar Flow. These were not the one’s you thought you were camping out for. They look VERY different.

This dude and a few others were there from 3:00am for the Air Flow drop and instead of walking away with the shoe, all they did was leave with little sleep.

It’s sad when you get your girl or lady friend to camp out with you. WTF is the world coming too. Girls are grinding it out with their man/friend for this stuff now. What’s their take? Oh wait,…”He gonna buy me some cloths when he sells it and take me out to eat somewhere nice. I’m tired of McDonalds.” LMFAO.

These guys take the crown. Check the Dude with his shirt off and chillin’ in his tank top like he’s sleeping at home. The other guy under the sheet walked away with 6 pairs I believe. He had a couple of people camping out for him. He was there from 12:00 or so. Crazy dude grinding it out; He was the same guy at the RF Ultra-Marine with the Red Hoody.

This employee above walked out with the Air Flows on. That tells me there were obviously more than just the VERY few that were released; Something like 20 pairs. This guy just started working there too, so if they allowed him to dig into the stack, I’m sure any employee that wanted one got one. …and of course their *cough v.i.p.’s * cough. Nothing we can really do about it, but it’s sucks to see shit like that from a consumer standpoint. Especially for something as limited as these.

The guy here with his foot up on the car is from Flight Club NYC. He bought a pair of the Emeralds from someone and than posted them up right away for $600; Now they dropped the price to $535 and a few other sizes have appeared. I guess they aren’t selling on eBay for the prices these guys thought they would. No one will buy these for $600 guy. Also, there’s SUPPOSE to be more Air Flows releasing, so don’t get caught out there for these prices. I don’t think you would either because I know my readers are much smarter than that.

[Click Image To View on Black]

This panoramic image is the line that was left for the Nike Air Foamposite Pro. People really going crazy for these Foams. How do you take a person’s life for a pair of sneakers?

So after a few minutes online, they sold out pretty quick to the people in the front of the line. Giving that they only had 20 pairs or so, why would you let someone buy both color-ways? They should have just let you choose one from either C/W so others could get a chance and not allow the one guy to walk away with 6 pairs (West 147 did this). I can’t get mad, but you may be wondering why I was getting in on the campers in some of my comments. Well, when you laugh at me and talk about me under your breath, expect me to call you idiots out. I’m mostly talking about the people in the front too. They know who I am and if they talk shit about me or laugh at me, I may as well poke them back. Catch you all on the next one which will be the Ronnie Fieg Mint Leaf release…

This is the Nike Air Flow that has made the HYPE beast, that don’t have a clue what this shoe is, come out. All because a couple of Euro resellers post these on the Bay for $500 +. I’ll have a PSE on these with a couple of wallpapers that you will not want to miss.

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All Rights Reserved.


22 thoughts on “Exclusive: Nike 21 Mercer Launch For Air Flow And Air Foamposite Pro Re-cap

  1. hahahaha,just camping out for re-selling and then not knowing which shoe it acutally is?thats just a bunch of douche bags.
    We all know why those ppl are going out of the store with 6 pairs.
    just hype & then 600$ on ebay.
    No worth it at all!And that story about the foamposite was new to me.crazy.cannot believe it really!

    Looking forward to the GL3 Mint Leafs.


    • what can you do right? lol

      Yeah Solekid, that foamposite story is just too much. Something out of a movie. It’s a real shame that people would do that over something that cost $200.

  2. Hey I’m the kid who was said to walk away with 6 pairs , incorrect I only bought 4 pairs 2 of each to wear and stock, and I’ve already worn both pairs and have the other two… There’s nutting Reseller ish about me, for th rf gl2s I only got 4 pairs cuz I have friends who wanted them and didn’t live In NYC, I sold them for retail. I don’t hunk I should be blamed for buying shoes to rock and stock I like crispy kix as much as I like wearing them, vagrant, I’m a fan of your blog, and it’s unfortunate you didn’t get a pair but I stood outside for 24 hours to make sure I had the kicks I wanted for now and later. All respect doe. Like I said I’m a fan of the info you give the sneaker community

    • What it do man. I’m not even getting at you homie. I was more into the dudes in the front. There’s no need to defend your self, but respect for elaborating and putting your 2 cents in. I know what’s it like to want a sneaker and do what you need to do to own it and rock it out. peace Oh, and I’m going to get the Cactus pair from someone at retail. So I didn’t really miss out. 🙂

  3. angel, how many pairs ended up making it across the sea to the states? like 150 something?

    if so i think they’re pretty much ALL on ebay right now. smh.

    it sucks becasue ive been looking forward to this shoe for 4-5 months now and what do you know hypebeast resellers ruin it for everybody.

    if they werent limited to 250 pairs and sold at TZ accounts these probably would be sitting on shelves.

    • Around that much d. At least, that’s what’s been floating around as the number. I have to agree,… If these weren’t a TZ release, they would still be on the shelves Just like the poorly selling Lunar Flows. Make them a TZ and I bet they sell out too. lol

  4. The sneaker has been designed and marketed to a fairly defined and dedicated culture right? What I don’t understand is how this has been allowed to happen (6 pairs..WTF!), especially considering this is a Nike store. To me it shows a complete lack of respect on Nikes part for their customers. They know how this shit goes down.
    Cheers to ya Angel. Great blog

    • It really comes down to who is handling/managing the store. Give me the store. With my 19 experience in retail, I would take care of all my customers. Whether they spend $200 a month or $5000 a month, I would take care of them. Customers will always be loyal as long as they are looked after equally. But hey, I can’t be a Nike Coach because I’m probably over qualified anyway.

      And thank you m.r, Cheers

  5. LOL @ the guy napping in the “wife beater”. And I got to agree with m.r If these where a GR release, I could almost guarantee you that they would’ve hit the outlets, SMFH. I never even had a chance to land a pair. Only TZ location is St Alfreds and they flew of the shelfs. (I’m not one to camp out for a shoe, so I had little to no chance on getting a pair.) When you look at it, alot of loyal OG Nike fans didn’t get a chance.

    Hey V, is it confirmed that Nike will be dropping an Air Flow GR or just rumor so far?

    Resellers…the cancer of the game.

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  7. There’s a clear racket going on at Mercer. When the Cherry wood Patta’s were scheduled to release I called the store several times before in order to try and nab a pair. The day before the alleged release came and I called the store and asked if they had received or were scheduled to receive the stock and the person told me that the shipment was delayed. To my utmost surprise I checked sneakernews a day or two later and found that the release date was on schedule. I was pissed but, when I released they ended up making a lottery for them I was relieved that I didn’t camp out for my pair. Too bad things like that happen but, at the end of the day in any industry, occupation or scenario people will always hook-up their friends first cuz, that’s what friends are for…

  8. It’s a shame that the people who camped out there were resellers. We in the UK were lucky that most of the guys who got the Flows were people like myself had love for the shoes 20 years ago and were happy for the shoe to be have a retro.
    …. But I will say looking at your pictures have made me very jealous… The weather looks amazing there! I’m typing this right now on a friday evening, the weather today and had been nothing but dark clouds with a bit of rain…..

    • Good to hear that someone else that really wanted them, got them. The weather out here has actually been very nice. T-shirts, shorts and trainers all day long. We’ve only had spotted showers so far, but it has been a little humid at times. Now the waiting continues for the other C/W’s.

  9. Hey Vagrant, What size did you end up getting? And was it the same size you would wear in a normal Nike? I camped out and got my lush teals size 12, my normal size, and rocked them. However they’re too big and i was wondering if you had an opinion on what size would work best? Would i be able to rock an 11 with the flexible feaux-neoprene material?


    • Hey Ryan,

      I actually went with my regular 11, though others told me I should go half or full size up, they fit fine. I haven’t worn them yet, but if they are too big, you probably have narrow feet. Only reason I can think of. All this sizing talk is so non-universal. Everyone has different feet, just like everyone has different finger prints.

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