Release INFO: Nike Air Flow Retro OG Pack

Last weekend was the overseas release of the classic Nike Air Flow Retro OG pack (The stores got about 10 pairs per color). If you was lucky like myself and kept that refreshed button going on at your keyboard, you were able to score a pair. Now that that release is done, we move over to the states launch of this very limited pack. How limited? Rumbles of only 250 pairs worldwide and about 140+ hitting the US. No fear though, here are a few shops that have announced their stock. Get ready to run naked…

First up is West NYC who have taken these nice captures of the shoes for you to drool on. They will have both colors and are limiting you to only one per person. I would suspect the other shops will do the same. The other few stores dropping them are,  Saint Alfred, Darkside Initiative, 21 Mercer, and CRSVR. These are the confirmed stockiest, but keep an eye out for strong possibilities at MajorDC, CNCPTS ,Undefeated and other Nike Tier Zero stores. Also, none are confirmed for online purchases and will most likely not put them up. Good luck to everyone this coming Saturday, July 2nd 2011. Keeping my fingers crossed for the cactus pair…


8 thoughts on “Release INFO: Nike Air Flow Retro OG Pack

  1. who is going to one of these stores this saturday?
    we are sold out here in germany.
    can somebody grab me a pair in 10.5/11 pleaseee?

  2. I swear i’ve seen more then 250 the last couple of weeks..!

    Nah im bummed, was slow on the keyboard, and denmark doesnt get any, or so it seems.. Wood Wood is out only TZ location, and i havent got any answer from them..

    Nice shoe, shame they arent GR

    • I would expect there would be more than just 250. How is Nike going to spend $5000 or more on each mould, for each size and only make 250 of these? I guess will see more C/W’s coming up for sure.

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