Release Reminder: Nike Air Flow Retro 2011

UPDATE: Not being released tomorrow at 21 Mercer

Are you ready? Tomorrow Saturday the 25th we’ll finally see the release of the 2011 retro Nike Air Flow in the Emerald C/W and the Cactus Green C/W.  Whether you buy both or just one, you’ll be one of the lucky few because these are a TZ release and are very limited. I would suspect the Cactus Green will be the most sort after and just so you know, it happens to be the most limited of the two. *hint …

Some shops that will be releasing these in-store and online will be Hanon and End. Footpatrol will have them for sale in-store, SNS will be releasing them on Monday the 27th to in-store only and I think since 1948 London has re-opened, it’s a possibility that they will have them (No official word on that). Also, no solid INFO as to when NSW 21 Mercer will unshackle them, but I do hope they stick to tomorrow ‘s date. They did tweet a response to a question about the release and this is what they said “The Air Flow releases on 7/2…”

If you know of any other shops that will carry them, leave a comment below to help others out and I’ll add them to the post. Good luck to everyone that truly wants these to wear. Looking forward to grabbing mine if my luck turns out to be good.

SNS Release


18 thoughts on “Release Reminder: Nike Air Flow Retro 2011

  1. Pahh I missed them, rang END yesterday and they said the flows would be on the web site at 12am but then they decided to put them on at 11 – when I logged on at 11.15 they were all gone… Not happy, been buying at a END since day 1.

    • I got jerked at Hanon, ever so slightly. I had both c/w’s in the cart and for some reason when I hit submit order, it only gave me the Emerald c/w. Oh well. Now to wait for 21 Mercer to release them and hope I can get the Cactus…..or hope some other store releases them online. Still very happy I got the shoe.

  2. I managed to get both colours from Foot Patrol this morning (they had 12 pairs of each colour), although I had to go a size bigger than I wanted. That’s the price paid for an extra 20 minutes in bed!

    There seemed to be a longer queue for these than there was for the Tonal pack at Selfridges. Foot Patrol sold out of their stock reasonably quickly and 1948 had sold out of popular sizes – UK8s, 9s and 10s – by 12.15pm.

    I’m planning a full review/feature on the retro compared to the original release for Trashfilter in the next week or so. Side by side, there’s a fair bit of difference.

    Good to hear that some people managed to get what they were after. To those who missed out, I have a feeling that these are going to show up in a few other spots in the next month.

    • Sounds good, will look out for it. What time did you get in the queue? (and what were you rockin’ so I know if I chatted to you)
      I turned up about an hour before open (in Terra Albis)

      At open time when they let the first couple of people in there was only about 10 or so people there

      @Angel The good will out had them also, but they’re probably sold out already.
      Luckily managed to get both c/w’s in my UK9
      Looking forward to the womens OG c/w now, will be a QS this time round.

  3. I didn’t get there until 9.45 or so – I was wearing Torsion Specials (to a Nike release: shame on me!). I was pleased to get mine, but wanted 9s really. 10s are just a *fraction* too big… Can’t really complain though, as it was my own fault for sleeping in (and TFL’s fault for closing the Victoria Line). Nice to see that people who made the effort to get there on time got what they wanted.

    There should be appearances in a couple of other spots over the next few weeks, I’ve been ‘reliably’ informed.

    @Angel – I owe you a mail. As soon as my flat’s drained itself of flood water, I’ll sort it out!

  4. damm i’m still pissed off i missed them, End didnt have any in store either! which is a big kick in the teeth for Local and Loyal customers IMO.
    Anyway i’m sure there will be more Colourways later in the year, i cant belive Nike would make new moulds and tooling for just 250 pairs…actually i wouldnt be suprised if in 2 years time we are all complaining that Nike had totally rinsed out the colourways.
    Anyway Angel…Thankfully the weekend wasnt totally ruined – found a boxed and working Mk1 Sega Mega CD at a local boot sale (like a giant Garage sale in the USA)

    • They didn’t have any in store after they said they would. That’s fucked up. 250 pairs? Who’s saying it’s that little?

      NICE! I still have my portable Sega CD with the cartridge slot. 😉 Can’t believe they actually gave you a strap to carry that thing around because it played CD’s. lmao!

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