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Here are four exclusive images for Ronnie Fieg’s Asics GTll Ultra-Marine. I recently took a bunch of products shots and wanted to include these as free wallpapers for fans of the shoe. Download 1, 2 or all for your viewing pleasure. I didn’t watermark any of these because I do hate watermarks, but please read the new IMAGE USER AGREEMENT page that is posted (It’ll be at the bottom of the blog). Enjoy!

[Click any image to download and ‘save as’ or drag/drop on to your desktop]

Photography by Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All rights Reserved


Wallpaper: Ronnie Fieg’s Asics GTll “Ultra-Marine”

3 thoughts on “Wallpaper: Ronnie Fieg’s Asics GTll “Ultra-Marine”

  1. Great shots as usual!
    Loving the depth of field – especially with the rocky ground used below the shoes, really brings out the small depth! What lens did you use for these?

    And damn I need some asics…

  2. Love how crisp the pics look! These are looking real fresh here!! So I know you mega busy now a days but when we doing a shoot?? lol..

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