Vagrant Sneaker For Ronnie Fieg

[Click to View On Black]

At Sneakerpedia, Ronnie Fieg gave me this white box that has a pair of samples of his forth-coming GLlll releasing in a couple of weeks or so. The box represents his appreciation for the coverage I give him on my blog, most importantly, the Live Blog I do for his Asics releases. I was rather flattered, but more so by the opportunity he has given me to now work with him as a photographer. This is very exciting for me because this is why I put so much effort into this serious hobby; I wanted to break into the industry and this is my first step…

You’ll see some of the work I did for him very soon and my photos will not just be for his Asics. I will photograph some of his samples that have never seen the day of light from all his collabs, and some other stuff I can’t talk about. I’ll also be working with the very talented sQMunro on some special projects. We already talked about the next direction I’ve been wanting to take my photos and what I think should be the next evolution of shoe photography. This will also include some small videos we will be doing to coincide with the photos (Just need to learn iMovie now).

So there it is. I look forward to bringing you some really kool ideas that I hope you will like and enjoy.


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