Preview: New Balance M574BOX “American Tall Tale”

[Click Here For Larger View]

Thanks to Rick Williams, we get another preview of an up and coming New Balance. This time it’s the 574 model in a really nice special edition make-up and Made In The USA. This one is based on one of the characters from the classic Ameriacan Tall Tales, Babe the Blue Ox. Alongside this color, we’ll also see a Paul Bunyan edition. Expect delivery around September 2011. Don’t forget to also sign up the New Balance 30 for 30 giveaway…


7 thoughts on “Preview: New Balance M574BOX “American Tall Tale”

  1. Sup V! How’s things man? These are pretty dope, love the way that grey sole goes with the shoe and, made in USA.. Can’t beat that!!

  2. They look good but why can’t they make the tongue on the 574’s leather? The tongues on the 574 has always pissed me off.

  3. the tongue on these do look a little long, but this colorway is amazing. I definitely agree on the grey out-sole making the shoe! I will def be waiting on this one.

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