Sneek Peek: Asics x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte lll “Mint Leaf”

Well here is the next release from Ronnie Fieg and his Asics series. As opposed to his GTll release, he has come back to the Gel Lyte lll again.This time sporting an all green upper with white underling Tiger Stripes, and two lace aglets. The rest of the shoe has a Light Grey midsole and Dark Grey outsole, with some accents of the same color throughout the silhouette. This shoe will also be the last release at the David Z Flagship store, but it will not be his last release for those asking (TRUST ME). You all saw the craziness of the Ultra-Marine release, so expect this one to be even bigger…


13 thoughts on “Sneek Peek: Asics x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte lll “Mint Leaf”

    • Honest, I don’t know. With the debacle that happened on the internet orders, who knows. It doesn’t even make sense to offer because it has last priority or domestic orders. SMH. I hope RF learns from what happend. Even though he had nothing to do with it.

  1. im soo gettin this i missed out on them gel lyte II 😦
    but ill be getting this DEF ! will be goin to the store !

  2. After receiving my 1st RF release, the GT-II … I feel like I’m going to have to sell them. The right shoe has a nasty glue stain. SMH. Besides that, the shoe is just flawless, but the more I see it, the bigger & more noticeable the stain becomes. (It’s funny because the stain is no bigger than a piece of rice or two. But it looks HUGE to me.) I wish I could just exchange them for a diff pair in the same size, I can wish cant I? Deff going to try to get these…such a clean yet bangin’ c/w!

    • Man that sucks. I know what that feels like. I had a pair that had a glue stain and it bothered the hell out of me It was real tiny, but on the side of the toe-box. Too bad you have to sell them. …and these are really nice. Great for the summer. Been rocking mine too much so I have to but them away or i may have to buy the pair. lol

  3. sigh yet another DavidZ release… Guess I’ll sit here in Copenhagen and miss out yet again, or pay 350+ to the chumps taking advantage on ebay.
    I really dont get why DavidZ dont ship internationally. Not like its rocketscience..

    That being said, these are gonna be killer with some navy shorts and a white tank.!!

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