Coming Soon: New Balance M1300LG

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Here’s another preview of the New Balance M1300LG from the New Balance “Made in USA” collection. You already saw Rick Williams wear another one, from the same collection, in the form of the 998GB. So far, these make-ups are holding up really well. So well, that they only have one size up for pre-order of this 1300LG on Hanon. No worries, these should be showing up at certain NB accounts in the US sometime in July. Don’t forget to also sign up for the New Balance 30 for 30 giveaway…

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4 thoughts on “Coming Soon: New Balance M1300LG

  1. so sick been waiting patiently for these and the 998s. SUPER SUPER CWs and Fav models for surrrrrrrrrre

  2. NB Going Back To The Basics. Simple Clean C/W, PREMIUM MATERIALS. Unparalleled Construction And Comfort. NB At Its VERY BEST!

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