Event: Asics x Ronnie Fieg GTll “Ultra-Marine” Release Re-cap At David Z

This was a day to remember…, Here’e the re-cap from my Live Blog of Ronnie Fieg Asics GTll “Ultra-Marine” release at David Z. You’ll see 40+ photos of all the people there, including Marcus Troy, Theophilus London, sQMunro and the man of the hour himself, Ronnie Fieg. This is the third time I cover an RF release at David Z and I have to say, this was the most exciting and exhausting one of them all. So many people showed up (65+ people showed up in the end), including the first 6 people camping out at around 12:00am, the day of release. CRAZY! With that said, I would take that into consideration for the next release which will happen very soon and of course, I’ll be there covering it. Let’s get to it than..

The image above is Nick Rozay, Ryan Blackway, Eddie and yours truly wearing the RF “The Cove” and Nicekicks 2.0. below you’ll see the first people online since the early morning hours. It was really chilly too. Just look at the campers with their blankets below

[My dude Eddie representing]

Here’s part of the RF Team, Nick Rozay and Ryan Blackway.

As promised, Ronnie Fieg bought the first group breakfast and this is Nick getting the iPad ready for the orders. Than, when RF got there, he saw all the people and decide to buy them all breakfast.

Free breakfast? Oh yeah, got mine! Egg, Cheese and Ham. When these were served, everyone woke up. People were chatting, laughing and just talking about shoes. It was a good vibe all around here. The way it should be.

Team member Adam Zee chomping away!

When the store manager showed up to open the store, more people came through.

This was the cause of June 3rd’s server crash and sell out. #UltraMarine

Eddie, with the red chair bag, sleeping while standing up. This dude was crazy tired. He was already crashing on the line. He got his pair though. You a trooper homie!

Nick Rozay getting ready to take sizes off the list as they are sold.


sQMunro and Marcus Troy

Theophilus London

going, going, going…

This David Z customer was a trip. He was just as excited as all of us so I had to take a picture of him. Classic! No, he didn’t get pair. He was there getting something else.

Adam Zee holding it down with RF as he signs boxes.

This was the last of the crowd outside. After this, it was over.

This is when the shoes jumped back online after the server crashed.

I wanted to keep this image for last because it means a lot to me. Here’ s a bunch of the guys posing with one of the NYC sidewalk cleaners. This guy was so much fun. When he got there in the morning, he was blaming everyone for the messy sidewalks and streets near the David Z store area. He said, “Ya’ll from Brooklyn, because it looked like a Brooklyn party happened out here.” He had everyone laughing in the crowd and put smiles on their faces. He stayed around the area for a little bit joking around and than, he asked to have his picture taken with some of the guys. This to me was the highlight of my day when covering the event. It’s moments like these, that remind me what NYC is about.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get his name, but I’m sure he will be there on the next release. At least I hope so because I’m gonna make a few prints of these and wanna give him one. This one’s going in a frame on my wall.

Big shout out to the RF Team members at the launch, @Nicky_Rozay @ryanblackway @sQMunro and @Adam_Zee. See you all on the next one. PEACE!

All Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All rights Reserved.


14 thoughts on “Event: Asics x Ronnie Fieg GTll “Ultra-Marine” Release Re-cap At David Z

  1. Vagrant, awesome cover. Must have been awesome environment for sneakerheads alike. Great pictures, love the live blog. Gotta say though I believe I was the only person in deployed to Iraq that was able to secure a pair.

  2. Good stuff man. I wish i could enjoy the experience of camping for these. But i have to settle for dealing with the website bs…

    ^ and to ILLmaticfan thats whatsup. Glad you got a pair.

  3. Sounds like so much more fun than the time I went to size? Middlesbrough for the first shambolic city series release (Dublins), 4 hours for nothing, the staff all took a pair each! and let us wait knowing only the first 20 would get a pair.
    Shush I could have been there.

  4. Awesome post mate! REALLY enjoyed reading…..I miss that community spirit…not many heads in Brisbane and not many will come out for events etc (not that we have many launches of interest over here). ACE pics as well … as always.

  5. I feel you Gonz, I dont really have much to look forward to in Nevada, and Im not close enough to Vegas or the bay to make the trip all the time so things like this Im always happy to be a part of in any shape or form. Love the coverage V! Even amongst the crash and my multiple reload page pushin buttons, I kept coming back here to see whattup haha. Looked like a good group of people showed up too which is nice when theres no bullshit. and Theopolis london is bad!!! tight to see him there too!!!!! And love that last pic as well- Shit like that always makes my day and it always comes out of the blue.

  6. Love this post mate! I will never stop reading your articles! Even if it seems like i’m ghosting at the moment 🙂

    Hope you are well Angel!


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