Exclusive: Sneakerpedia Launch Party At New York City

Before I get into the Sneakerpedia images, I would like to apologize to the people that were waiting for my Live Blog of this event. It didn’t happen because I was in the company of two friends from Spain. David from FHM magazine (Spain Division) and Daniel aka Bambino Bambola from sivasdescalzo; Daniel was also there representing H magazine. Since it was their first time here, I felt that doing the Live Blog would be selfish and rude. So, I decided to not do it and just stick to doing a few photos for your viewing pleasure; At the moment, my equipment is limited and for some reason, I thought there would be more light. So excuse the sub par images. Let’s get into it…

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The event was a lot of fun and tons of people showed up to get in. Even people that were not on the list (LMFAO at the 4 guys trying to get into VIP by just saying they should be on the list). Anyway, they had an open bar all night for the VIP guests and later they would bring out some appetizers. The CEO of Foot Locker was present, but I didn’t get a shot of him. Shouts to him for having this event and allowing  Sneakerpedia to happen. I know a lot of people are very excited about this project.

Above was one section of the VIP lounge area where you could sit down. When we got there, it was a bit empty, but that would change quick. If you look in the far back where the girls are sitting, you’ll notice a laptop. They had three of them so you could sign up for Sneakerpedia. A Nice and cozy space.

A few more people started to show up.

We had a full open bar courtesy of Sneakerpedia (thank you!). This area got crowded real quick. Most of the people were chillin’ there in the beginning. …and SHAME on the people that got their free drinks and didn’t even tip the bartenders a few dollars. Those people wouldn’t even be drinking if it wasn’t an open bar. SMH

DJ Clark Kent setting up his stage below the VIP lounge and getting ready to spin the night away. It took them a little while to let the people in too. We didn’t see anyone until about 45 minutes after it was suppose to start.

[View On Black]

This was some kool art work posted in the lounge area of iconic models. I don’t know who the artist is or if it was just some commissioned work for Sneakerpedia. I say that because the artist name is not on the paintings. Usually the case, but If you are the artist and your reading this, let me know so I can link back these paintings to your site.

[View On Black]

In the lounge they sectioned off a space where you could take your picture. Once it was snapped away, you where given a printed version of it and an e-mail with the image.

The crowd is finally in and the party has officially started. DJ Clark Kent did a fantastic spin for the event. He really pumped up the crowd and played some killer tunes.

Here is DJ Clark Kent getting ready to introduce BUN B for his live performance. I took a lot of shots of Bun B, but only came out with a few decent ones. His performance was really good and the crowd was all in. It was difficult to take photos too. So many people in the front of the stage with cameras and phones in the air. It was rough, but at least I got a few useable images.

[View On Black]

[View On Black]

After the Bun B performance, myself and the guys decided to leave the event and go grab some grub. Again, it was a lot of fun and I’m glad I was a part of it. One more shout out to Sneakerpedia, Foot Locker, DJ Clark Kent and Bun B for the great event. Oh, and thanks for the kool T-Shirt and stay tuned for my image of what was on Bun B‘s feet for his performance.

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All Rights Reserved.


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