I never did a Fresh Out The Box review for the New Balance M1500UKG, so I’ll just post some of the images taken for reference on this PSE. This will give you an idea of the form factor expected from the 1500 CSW and PSW that will launch this year. You can count on a full review of those, once I get my hands on them and a comparison between the two to see if the shape is better on CSW/PSW or the same. Enjoy the images…

[13.1 oz at a size of 10 1/2]

Photography by Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All Rights Reserved.


PSE: New Balance M1500UKG Retro 2011

4 thoughts on “PSE: New Balance M1500UKG Retro 2011

  1. these are my only 1500’s so the shape dont bother me too much, i like the way NB can bring the mudguard high up the toe box without it creasing (like it used to on some older AM1s before Nike messd it up)

  2. just bought these here in brazil. could not believe my eyes when i saw them. i once owned a pair when i was 14 years old. they were stolen when i went on a school trip to a beach here in brazil. 17 years later, here i am wearing the exact same shoe once again. what an incredible feeling. you are right on about their built. absolutely fantastic!!

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