Sneek Peek: Saucony x Solebox Shadow 5000 “Three Brothers”

UPDATED: 5.11.2011 – Added third color-way
: 5.8.2011 – Thanks to reader Fresh Mesh, we have another view of a second variation of this color-way.

After the release of the Then and Now Saucony Pack by Solebox in 2010, which included the banger Saucony 90 , I always hoped that Hikmet would design a Saucony Shadow 5000. Well, it looks like my hopes have been answered because here is a sneek peek into Solebox’s senior collaborative effort with Saucony…

Images Edited by Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011

As of right now, there is no other information about this Shadow 5000 in a Dodger Blue and Grey color-way, but it is Solebox’s next shoe coming out. Now, let’s hear your thoughts and opinions…

Which do you prefer?


22 thoughts on “Sneek Peek: Saucony x Solebox Shadow 5000 “Three Brothers”

  1. Hey Vagrant, from the research I’ve done over the past few days it appears there are three variations of this 5000 Hikmet might be considering. Check your inbox I’ve sent you a pic of the other two.

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  3. he had em up on ct as well as another pair i believe. I like the ones with grey uppers. So happy 5000s are getting love as they are one of my fav models of any shoe or brand.

  4. Please don´t get me wrong buddies, but compared to previous designs by hikmet this one seems a bit boring..not that the CW ain´t fresh but i am pretty sure, saucony would release such a cw as a regular run.
    i hope hikmet will add a notch to make it a real solebox release…

    • I totally understand where you are coming from, But i like the approach he’s taking on the silhouette. The fact that’s he has 2 samples, possibly three, is more promising that he’s as least thinking of different ideas.

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  8. Prolly a no go from me. They look good but solebox is always suppper expensive and I wouldn’t go out of my way for these which is sad as this is a favorite model of mine in the 5000.

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