On the second Fresh Look for 2011, we dive into the latest offering from Bodega and their Saucony Elite series. We are now in Phase lll of the Bodega make-ups and this one introduces the 20 year old Saucony Master Control model. One that is new to me and I’m sure old to others. On this Fresh Out the Box review, you’ll see the Grey & Mint color-way. One of three released for this pack…

The Shoe:

Originally released back in 1991, the Master Control debuted again for 2011. You can give thanks to Saucony and Bodega for making it happen. I honestly don’t know anything about the history of the shoe, and I’m not going to pretend I do. The only thing I can tell you is that it took someone like Bodega, to have the passion to bring these back to the fans. They get extra points for that alone.


Unlike the other two make-ups alongside this one, Bodega took a different approach to this C/W.They added a Dark Grey suede base of the shoe (that’s what they call it. Looks like a Kahki to me). The other panels come in a contrasting light Grey (Again, looks like a Khaki to me). Mint accents are added to two overlays of the toe-box, plastic ankle eyelets, and one panel at the back of the shoe. They also left the tongue tag in the Royal Blue which is also on the Phase l and Phase ll packs. a sort of nice Spring or Fall color-way, even though Bodega is calling it a summer C/W.


No doubt that this release has a variety of great materials that follow in the footsteps of all the Saucony and Bodega releases. Especially the suede base on this shoe which is really smooth. Much smoother than the shoe’s panels and Mint accents. Not saying that the side panels are rough at all. Far from it, but you can tell the difference between the three. All have a different texture to them. This also comes with the tumbled leather ankle liner which is awesome to have on a shoe; I personally love seeing that type of accent. There is also a ripstop tongue added to mix and unlike their Shadow 5000, these come with a contrasting true gummy bottom. The mid-sole is also very bouncy and soft. Something that is a plus because that adds to the comfort of the shoe. You also get two sets of laces.

You know, sometimes you can have the best materials but if they are off by certain things like stitching, shape, the way the panels are cut, etc, it can throw the whole look of the silhouette off. To my surprise, the shoe is a bit off in my opinion when it comes to the workmanship. Especially in the shape. To me, it just doesn’t look right. Though I’ve never really seen the original trainer in person, you can start to see the subtle differences in the shoe when it’s put on, to when you look at it in your hand. Maybe this re-launch is from a new mold that had to be made because the OG wasn’t available. What ever the case, it just feels wrong in my opinion. But again, that’s just me.


As seen above, the shoe has a low profile when compared to other trainers. The fit was decent, but the shoe was quite comfortable at the end. My few hours in them lend me to realize that the soft mid-sole had something to do with it. Here you can also see how the front toe-box’s suede panel slightly comes up on shoe, already adding to the slight upward point on the shoe’s toe-box. Things like that add to the somewhat dodgy shape of the shoe. The last thing is that the shoe is actually light considering the materials it has on it.

Losing Points:

For starters, the model had a lot of glue stains through out the shoe. Right down to some of the suede in the heel area; It’s pretty noticeable on my set. The area in the heel (as seen above) isn’t attached properly. There’s some space in-between the suede panels and mid-sole in that section. Not a good look and only time will tell if it will get any worse. The icing on the cake though goes to, the mis-shaped toe-boxes. If you look at the image above, you can notice that the left shoe (your right) had a much squarer toe-box when compared to the right one (your left). This really disappointed me and gave me a flash back of this, but no where near as bad. Again, this goes back to the workmanship of the shoe and where it comes from, China. You just never know what you will get. Like playing Russian Roulette.


There were a lot of people excited about this release, me being one. Not really knowing much about the shoe and seen it announced, made it very exciting to know that I would be adding this to my stack. Fast forward three months later and now having the shoe finally in my hand, How excited am I? No where near as much as I was when I first saw it. That’s not to say that I don’t regret the purchase. I’m actually glad I have the model in my stack, but maybe in another form other than this would have been better. Yeah the materials are good, but that’s where it stops. Could better color-ways have made the shoe shine a little more? Ehhhhhh, maybe, but I don’t think so. Remember, at the end of the day, buy what you want and wear what you like. Enjoy the images and head to my Flickr for some images that are not here..

You can grab these at Bodega, UBIQ, Hanon, Footpatrol (soon) etc.

SCORE = 6.0

Quality – 5

Craftsmanship – 4

Shape – 6

Color-Way/s – 6

Collaboration – 8

Comfort -7

Condition Of Shoe As Of Photos  – Dead Stock

Color-way – Grey & Mint

Style Number – 70061-3

Year  – 2011

Size  – 10 1/2

Weight at this size – 12.1 oz

Made in China

Box Price – $110

[Click Images To View Larger]

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All Rights Reserved.


Fresh Look: Saucony Elite x Bodega Master Control “Grey & Mint”

7 thoughts on “Fresh Look: Saucony Elite x Bodega Master Control “Grey & Mint”

  1. Hi VS my blue and grey ones came today and pretty much the same as your ie the glue stains and the shape!!! I still like them tho and would give 7/10 for the whole trainer

  2. Received mine a couple days ago and mine do not have shape issue or glue stains. Ordered mine from UBIQ. China made is such a damn crapshoot.

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