Exclusive: Nike LunarFly+ iD Samples

Anyone curious about what the Nike LunarFly + iD looks likes, can check out the samples here. There are a variety of ten designs. Some using the mesh print options of No Passing Zone, Harden Up, Testament and Timber (no Dot Matrix available as a sample). You’ll also see about 7 colors from the palette in the form of Midnight Navy, Treasure Blue, Pink Spark, Sport Red, Team Orange, Tech Grey, and Club Purple. If you get inspired by any of these, you can head to Niketown NYC to make your pair or check out Nike iD online. Enjoy the images…

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All Rights Reserved.


7 thoughts on “Exclusive: Nike LunarFly+ iD Samples

  1. I’ve been back here checking these pics for a minute now, Angel.
    The model looks great and I’ve just got a buddy to order me a pair as they’re not available in the UK. Needed my ID fix as I haven’t gone in on the Air Max 1 recently, after my spout with the last options. I’m hoping they add more to the palette, any idea if they are going to do so for the 1?

    • Hey Konradsk. They are about to change the Palette for the AM 1, AM90 and are going to add 2 new models to the palette; Classic silhouettes. One of them people will be very excited about. I just hope the shape is good and so are the options. The info will be posted next week, because I just received the dates today, and want to round out the rest of the info.

    • Awesome job on those Konrad! They look really and Love the c/w. I want to make. Pair, but I’ve been holding out on iD because I’m focused on other things right now. Hopefully I can get a pair of these soon, or I may wait for the LunarGlide 3 iD. 😉

  2. LunarGlide 3 looks dope, but it’s the retro look of these 1.5’s that stole my heart. I wish there was some GR’s, but it seems the 1.5 is just an ID special, not feeling the 1.0 or 2.0 really…
    Trying to figure out my next c/w now, just wish the options were better, there’s great colours for the mesh, but not as much for the other panels…
    I’ll be watching closely for air 180 updates too, oh man!

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