Release Reminder: New Balance x Concepts CM999 “The Kennedy”

So today is the release of the much talked about New Balance x Concepts CM999 “The Kennedy”. If you live near Concepts in Cambridge, MA you’ll be able to snatch your pair. Not only that, but there will be a bunch of other merchandise to go with it. Some of the products are a premium sail polo, semaphore tote bag, artisan sail-lace tee, five panel duck brimmed cap and a rope bracelet handmade in Nantucket exclusively for Concepts to name a few. Sizes start at 8 and go up to 13. Entry price is $150. After this release,  you will be able to make a phone order on Monday April 18, 2011 at 12pm EST. Than, you can expect the shoe to start showing up at other stockist so stay tuned. Good luck to everyone…


11 thoughts on “Release Reminder: New Balance x Concepts CM999 “The Kennedy”

  1. I know what you mean, honestly those 999 look Asian rather than US made.. And who knows if NB US will ever make these again so, I probably wouldn’t mind them for a cheaper price though 🙂

  2. i thought i might skip them but somehow the CW got me!
    anyway..Europre won´t get ´em and the resellers on ebay ask for crazed out prices..

      • Damn… I knew they would be bulky due to being China made but not this bad either.. Honestly, to me they look worse than your average 574 GRs made in China.. I really wonder why they didn’t get these made in the US as part of the deal.. you know with Concepts being in Massachusetts and all.. ???..

  3. looks a bit like these MBT shoes, huh?
    CW is on the point but the shape sucks.
    i´ll spend my money on the bdga nightsky boots, which are insane!

    • Luke, you just reminded me to do a post about them I think they are fantastic. Pretty much everything Bodega does nowadays is pretty damn amazing. Have to give them MAD PROPS for their design skills.

  4. They remind me more and more of the Feral Pack which came out a couple of years ago.. And that is not a good thing!! The shape is horrible.. I’m no shape-cop but honestly..

    Glad i slept/missed/oversaw/ignored these!

    On the other hand those pics of the Rusted orange J Crews are amazing V! Thats some serious NB action there!

    Hope you are well mate!

  5. I was so psyched for these when I saw them a month or so ago. I passed when I saw them in person, poorly made and looked terrible and cheap. What a shame.

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