Update: 4.10.2011 – Added two new clearer images that replace two old ones; One new image added.

Astonishing, is the perfect word to describe what you are about to see. After seeing what reader BKNowbles showed me, I had to share it with everyone. He designed a pair of the New Balance 574 Customs in a Blue, Red, White and Grey color-way to represent the 4th of July. What we all didn’t know is how fast the turnaround would be and how the quality would truly turnout. I have to say, “MORE than IMPRESSED” is what anyone ordering a pair will be. Warning, get a cup so you don’t piss in your pants, because you most likely will…

Look at these beauties. I won’t go into any details until I get my pair, but these images can speak for them selves. Regardless if they were taking with an iPhone. The quality of the suede looks great and the shape is exactly like the New Balance 574 Clips.  The funny part is that the pair I ordered is very similar to this design. Except, you basically flip the colors and add Grey to the heel panel. This a shoe enthusiasts dream come true. Now, lets hope this trend stays with any future models that NB decides to add.

What’s a bit crazy is that these only took a couple of days to produce. For instance, I ordered my Pair on Tuesday the 5th at midnight and I got an e-mail on Thursday afternoon notifying me that they have been shipped. That’s an unheard of turnaround. Other brands make you wait 4 to 5 weeks or more and these materials far surpass all those synthetic ones. Made in the USA and at only $121.90 shipped in the US, I’ll take a few.

Stay tuned for my Fresh Out The Box review of my pair next week and thanks to BKNowbles for allowing me to share this with everyone on my blog. Time to order another…


Customizer: New Balance 574 Custom “4th Of July”

24 thoughts on “Customizer: New Balance 574 Custom “4th Of July”

    • Congratd to bknowbles, I must admit that’s they look lush, dope make-up here, shape looks by far better than usual 574, materials are quality. Top-notch and really interesting, I may take the plunge…

      • yup that’s undisputable V. the toe box on them are totally different than all the 574 I have seen before, in the good way of course homie even the heel tab looks higher than usually and it looks really nice, I stay baffled ’bout the rapidity of production and all for a damm niceeee price, what else? lol more color of course. Lemme see your one smhhh

  1. Is this the blue used on this featured pair the “nearly navy”? They turned out great and I thought the nearly navy was more of a turqoise-y but it appears to be very royal blue in reality.

    • LMFAO. I think your crazy Nic. How can you not like these? Only if your not a fan of the 574, I can see you saying that. But even than, you have to appreciate the workmanship, materials and shape. This pretty much shits on every custom option by any major brand. Especially considering the price point.

      • No you misunderstood me. I don’t like the “1 of 1” part. I used to hate 574’s because the tongue on them is weird and really flimsy (I prefer the stiffer tongue on the 1500’s). But honestly, I am so impressed by the shoe that I will for sure be making myself a pair.

  2. whoa nelly they look amazinggggggg! so happy about the quality and materials. gonna finalize my pair now. I see im not the only one who puts 1 of 1 on his “ids” hahah

  3. W O W. Didn’t expect that it’d turned out to be something like these. These are just FIRE. NB just took the custom sneaker game to another level.

  4. top notch stuff, sick design but i have to say the stitching on the ID looks pretty wonky, hopefully something they will perfect in the future (though im not much of a fan of ID’ing shoes, each to their own though) big up still!

  5. Looks awesome! Also, on a totally unrelated note: where are the New Balance x Concepts 999 Kennedys made? They look pretty cool, but I’m not gonna pounce unless they’re UK/US.

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