Updated: 4.6.2011 – Added a bunch of more images and a video

One thing that has been on my mind about the New Balance 574 Custom is the shape. If you look at the render for the online builder, you can see a shape that identifies it as the ones that come out of China. But, these are coming out of the US factory which is the one responsible for the the 574 Clips. The most amazing 574′ s ever. A little concerned about that, I did a little digging. My findings led me to sometime amazing…

It looks like that rendering is false because the above looks to be the 574 Clips shape. A thing of beauty that will make me order more than just one for sure. You can expect to see detailed shots of my pair next week. For now, enjoy these images of the fabrics and the making of Your Custom New Balance 574..

Update: 4.6.2011

Photography by New Balance


Preview: New Balance 574M1 Custom, The Making Of

9 thoughts on “Preview: New Balance 574M1 Custom, The Making Of

    • Nice! Very excited to see how the NB Custom shoe evolves in the future. I’m about to order a Grey pair like the One pictured in this post. Lol I have a few more images, but this was all I could post because I had to rush to work. I’ll update it later in the after noon. It’s mostly factory shots

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  2. Wassup Mr. V!! Been catching up on your blog and seems I’ve been missing waaayyy too many good news.. I guess it doesn’t help working almost 60 hour weeks so, when I have some down time the last place I want to be is in front of a PC.. lol.. So how’s everything man? This is indeed a dream come true for me and I am just hoping that this is just the beginning of what’s to come!! This made in US shape is so on point, I personally LOVE IT!!! I was hoping for made in US GRs since I’m sure they would’ve been a cheaper price.. but hey, I’m not complaining this will most certainly do!! Can’t wait to do my first pair!! I’d love to see the 1300 next on that ID builder… But wait, then I’d really have to turn to a life of crime to support the habit.. lmao!! Keep the good stuff coming bro!!!

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