News Break: New Balance x J.Crew M1400 Collection 2

If your on my Facebook you would have seen a similar image of this that I posted stating the sale out. I’m a bit surprised and at the same time, I’m not. If you read my review on these, you would have seen how great this shoe is. From the simple color-way to the premium materials, it’s a no brainer if you got your hands on them. Above is a number in case they come back in stock and they will also help you track down the C/W that you want in your size. For now, they are still available at certain J.Crew locations with only a select few with the Rusted Orange Pair. Congrats to everyone that got a pair and I’ll have images of the Rusted Orange sometime this week when I get it.

Call I-800.562.0258 to get your pair.


10 thoughts on “News Break: New Balance x J.Crew M1400 Collection 2

  1. after preordering these back in january i finally got them last week. i actually am returning mine cause the tow box is messed up on both shoes. whoever placed them in the box did a poor job and the heels dug into each toebox warping them. i do have the blue and the greens so i know how good the quality is. just a bummer cause i waited so long. but in the time of waiting i did pick up the 996s you posted. i got them 2 weeks ago, the ebay seller said that he gets them straight from new balance. i had wondered why there was no talk about it until your post. im happy to keep the 996s and just fully return the 1300 grey steels.

    • Damn, that’s sucks. Waiting that long and they come messed up. The 996’s are really nice too. Don’t know why there’s such a limited run on them, but seem to pop up in the weirdest places.

  2. My Black/Orange pair came today – absolutely immaculate! The quality is superb, and as for the toebox packing errors (this is not the first time I’ve heard this story regarding this release) I live all the way in Australia and there was no problem with toe-boxes or anything after traveling all that way. A very lucky/satisfied customer here.
    PS: mine came in the new NB box as well.

  3. I don’t know if these are as hard to find as the site claims.. that page went up the same day their 20% sale started and J. Crew always pulls callabo items from their site when they have a site. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them reappear. Gotta track down the orange pair now to be safe, though!

    • Thats interesting. You know, when I looked at it during the week. All sizes were still available. The only thing I noticed is that some sizes got pushed to different delivery dates. Which is essentially a order for a back order to the size you want. I also noticed that on Saturday they still had wmns sizes available.

      It would make sense, but the only thing is why would they say SOLD OUT? Good luck getting the orange pair. I’ll have images of mine soon.

      • sooo.. stopped by the Georgetown (DC flagship store for men), they didn’t have any of the rust orange in stock, put me on the red phone, they aren’t taking any more orders as they have an 8000 person wait list, they wouldn’t even search the stores for me. The salesperson told me their next shipment of shoes is sometime in May.

        Some other notes:
        The store had half sizes of other colors, the online store only had full sizes.
        They had other colors in the store and various sizes, not all sizes though.

      • Yeah man. I went yesterday to get the Black/Orange Pair because I decided that I’m not going to get the CNCPTS 999. At the store, they only had the Navy pair there in a few sizes and the Black/Orange pair in a few sizes. I don’t think this store even got the Rusted Orange pair at all. I’m just happy to get the best two of the pack IMO. I almost want to go get the Steel Grey pair now too.

        Actually, online had half sizes. it was the ones with the H next to the number. like 10H. I know a few people got confused with that. I do hope they get more in May. They obviously did great with them and if the case, I’ll get the Steel Grey pair than.

        I can’t wait to see what Collection 3 looks like. 😉 Such an quality set from both parties involved. Best Collaboration/Special Project in quite some time IMO. Everything about the shoe is FANTASTIC. Thanks for sharing that info.

  4. Hello mate! Great job is being done here.
    Could you tell me how do they fit? Like other NB’s (e.g. 577) – half size down or true to size? It seems that on every cw is available in all sizes. Hmm.. How do they look in person? I was thinking about rusted orange one’s, but not sure now..


  5. Hello mate. I wrote my comment but I don’t see it…
    Are they really all still available on I can notice all sizes in each cw. Possible?
    How do they fit? And how do they look in person? Rusted orange one’s have brown NB logo? Which one is the best in person?


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