Exclusive: Nike Free Run 2 iD Swatches

Here you’ll get to see the swatches for the Nike Free Run 2 iD. There are 12 colors to choose from starting with Total Orange, Challenge Red, Cherry, Court Purple, Binary Blue, Treasure Blue, Bright Turquoise, Electric Green, Volt, White, Cool Grey and Black. Some of these are not available for all the parts of the shoe though. The main overlay only allows you to choose from only six of the hues…

Enjoy these images and stay tuned for the Nike Air Max 90 iD Samples and some future interesting information on a certain shoe that will make it to Nike iD with a very special guest designer for the palette. It’s gonna be real dope. Trust me…

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All rights Reserved.


5 thoughts on “Exclusive: Nike Free Run 2 iD Swatches

  1. How does the Volt look in person? It looks like plain yellow in the pics. I’d like to add to make a Volt based Free Run 2 ID but that color seems off.

  2. Hey Adam, the Volt unfortunately does look more like a yellow than the yellow/green that it’s suppose resemble. I think it looks like that because they have that Electric Green that looks too close to the Volt.

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