Available: New Balance x J.Crew M1400 “Rusted Orange”

Update: 3.30.2011 – The date has changed for the shipment of these on certain sizes to 4.18.2011 or 5.11.2011.

Good news! After a long delayed wait, the Rusted Orange pair from the New Balance x J.Crew M1400 collection 2 is out and about. I caught a glimpse of them when I was shopping in SOHO for a couple of pick-ups. While I was looking at them, I was approached by a sales person and I asked when this pair was released. According to her, it was a couple of days ago. When she left, I took a couple of sneak-attack crappy iPhone captures, because you know they don’t allow pictures to be taken in the store. smh Anyway, it shouldn’t be much longer for everyone that ordered a pair. Also, I noticed that they didn’t have the Pine Green pair on display…

Unfortunately, these sales people really don’t care about displaying these shoes properly. They look rather brutal here and uninspiring. I guess I can’t blame them as they have no idea about these beauties. Stay tuned for a PSE on the Rusted Orange pair as soon as I get them.

You can find them at,


484 Broadway (Broome Street)

New York, NY 10012

(212) 343-1227

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All Rights Reserved.


8 thoughts on “Available: New Balance x J.Crew M1400 “Rusted Orange”

  1. Hi VS I like these(then iam a ginger myself lol) just a shame thay are not around in the UK!! I need to move!!!! Lol

    Glen looking forward to friday for the Hanon Puma Dallas

  2. all the colors are amazing and I need the orange and grey real bad. Wonder why the pines are absent? Glad I smothered 2 pairs of them

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