Coming Soon: Nike Air Flow Retro 2011

Update: 3.19.2011 – Check out a old pic of another OG color-way from Medium Grange.

YES! The 21 year old Nike Air Flow is back. There have been some pictures of these floating around the net for a while now, but it’s good to finally see some full images of them. Though, these shots make the shoe look rather bulky, I would suspect that there is paper inside. At least, I would hope so…

The Nike Air Flow is and was the creation that led the path for one of the *Alpha Projects from Nike, the much loved Nike Air Presto. Technology wise, the Air Flow was already taking the idea/consideration of a seamless upper and sock liner design by using an abundant dose of neoprene for the upper, combined with synthetic suede. One we see today from Nike and many other brands. To say it was ahead of it’s time, would probably be an understatement.

On this release, we catch a glimpse into the original color-way released way back in 1989. A couple of decades later, Nike has dug into their vaults and released a retro version MUST HAVE for your stack. It’s a shoe I know only a few own today. Now with this release, you can grab your own for the summer weather on it’s way. No official date is set for release, but going by the images it looks like it could be sooner than you think. No word if these will be a QS, LE, or ND release.

*Alpha Project: A concept developed by Nike that included their latest in cutting edge technology. Instead of just having a regular shoe that all athletes would wear, they would make one specifically for, and for a lack of better words, special talent. Therefore, improving and building on the wearers performance.

Check out an on-foot image of a OG Air Flow in a OG C/W below and a couple of old commercials for the Nike Alpha Project.

[View On Black] Image courtesy of ZBONA.

images via EK

23 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Nike Air Flow Retro 2011

  1. OMFG how comes I neva heard ’bout this info Vag! A big big yes siR, forgettin’ the paper siR the sample looks just grail and it seems that goD himself has worked on this project lmao, can’t wait to seem more of them and fcourse to have them on my feets.

      • I was busy in the last few days that’s why I missed the info, yep it has been blogged ’bout 2 days ago, but hey I’m pleased to discover this great surprise here as you always do a quality work Vag.

  2. hey I had these I think they are still at my moms house condition though wow!! These I will definately be adding to my collection they are comfy as hell

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      • Oh yeah @mita, but that is not the CW I was looking for.
        They have the dark green/lilac one + the OG.
        I meant the blue/pink on your photos above.
        Those are to die 4!
        We are going to get them here @The Good Will Out on SAT but i think only 1 OG is coming back.
        So unfortunately the blue/pink CW not:(

        And i still do not understand why Mita does not ship worldwide!!

  4. how expensive do you guys expect these to be?

    i mean besides this release right now,mita had several japan special regarding the asics gt-II and gel lyte III,one colorway which was nearly 100% similiar to the la mjc gel lyte III.
    but they just do not send packages worldwide.
    not everything there is that expensive!
    just bad strategy i think.:D

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