OnMyFeet: Saucony Shadow 5000 Luxury Pack – “Forest Green”

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Just wanted to do this worn update to let everyone know that I’ll be back soon to do some kool updates in the coming days; Nike iD info, New Balance 1400 and something else that was fun to do for Sneaker Freaker Germany. That is, once I get over this stomach virus that’s really taking a toll on my body. Never gonna eat a hot dog from 711 ever again. smh So for now, here are three of my latest images on Saucony Shadow 5000 Luxury Pack – “Forest Green”…

[View on Black]

After getting a hold of these back in September, 2010, they get broken-out. Very comfy, nubuck is buttery smooth and I like them with these creme colored laces more so than the matching green. It makes the shoe pop and brings out the silhouette more. I’m also getting more and more comfortable working in Aperture. Getting the picture to look they way I want is so much easier and way more efficient than working Photoshop. I still like Photoshop for certain things, but most of my post work will be done in Aperture.

[View on Black]


14 thoughts on “OnMyFeet: Saucony Shadow 5000 Luxury Pack – “Forest Green”

  1. Dang. i wasnt sure bout these but those pics have sold me. i need these in my expanding saucony collection. very nice pics by the way.

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