Video: Reebok x Solebox Omnizone Pump

Check out Hikmet as he explains the birth behind Solebox’s Reebok Omnizone Pump. Hear why he choose to go with lights on a shoe again, get to see the orginal color-way that actually had a Green light and find out what Solebox will start to do on future collaborations…

On another note…

The shoes obviously sold out and anyone hoping they would see release online can now stop hoping. Also, because of the resellers selling these on eBay for the upwards price of “TOO MUCH MONEY” (we all know how much they have destroyed the scene), this was written by Solebox on twitter…

Next time on purchase: everybody has to leave the store with the shoes on

Good one guys. Yeah, they can be cleaned after they’ve been walked on, but now you know that any future Solebox collab’s won’t be brand new from the in-store release. A small and nice blow to them resellers.

Video by Sneaker Freaker Germany


13 thoughts on “Video: Reebok x Solebox Omnizone Pump

  1. his english is amazing…

    “i want the light then on, when…”

    the shoe ain´t nice at all..the materials and the idea is amazing, though!
    the only thing that stinks…the first one is available on
    the auction claims that there was a secret online release…

  2. ^ agree his english isnt that good

    yeah he posted via solebox facebook: “i heard it is good to check frequently ” one hour later he realesed a few pairs online. i thought about going to berlin, it’s around 400km away from me but at solebox realeses people always do crazy camping people start showing up 24-48h before they start selling.

    and tbh i dont think the shoe is that bad ass

  3. same thing like the yeezy..crazy idea but where the hell do you wanna wear them?
    i like Hikmet´s creativity…each release is so special..but i am not feeling these super high and bulky shoes..

    hope he works with saucony again..a solebox elite..with a nice nerdy feature…

    • I think that’s why I respect him as a designer. He does things no one else does, but in good taste. To me it doesn’t look bad and actually works well within the silhouette of the shoe. Yeah it can be quirky with the light, but it’s no where near as BAD as wearing a PINK BEAR as the tongue of your shoe? smh

      I also do hope he works with Saucony again because I really like the 90 he did. If he does, let it be on a SAUCONY ELITE. Especially now that the 9000 and Master Control are getting released.

  4. trudat…
    the bears by JS ain´t no shoes but art.
    unwearable but the idea is great, too…

    i think his ideas are the reason why each release looks like summer camp, huh?

  5. never liked pumps (since my dee browns in 91) so not hype on these. LOVE the idea of having ANYONE buying in store to have to wear them out of the store. Resellers are ruining shit and and the idiots buying from them are helping them out in ruining the sneaker game even further. just like the Lamjcs and tons of other releases where they immediately go up on ebay for 2-3-4x the price. 700$ for Lamjc 1500’s? I dont think so. Love the recent GUEST post on Ronnies blog which gets into the current state of this sneaker game and how shits just getting wack lately. Time to switch shit up and move my ass away from the shit everyone else is doing, which is the reason I havent bought Nikes in a veeeery long time.

  6. i did not get the hype…
    i do not understand why they did an onlinerelease?
    and how they could say, that next time the customers have to walk out wearing the shoes.
    i´t not like solebox is a freshman..they know about the insane reseller for the EQTs or nazar eyes..
    their statement is bollocks..the only thing that would drive me nuts is if i bought a ticket to go to berlin and a certain amount of 60 pairs “instore only” got sold 2 weeks early.
    this is what ruins the sneakergame..
    i for tone think they preleased them just because some of their collabs like the ers 2000 and the shadow 90 did not sell within a minute..
    a few pairs on ebay and blogs…and the hype will be as big as fukc.

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