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After some time on holding these back, you’ll get to see detailed images of my latest Nike iD. For me, this is one of my best designs and one that has been a long time coming. I like it so much, that I may do another one with a similar color blocking. Especially now that the AM1 options have changed and that Mineral Blue is available. Check out detailed images of the shoe and where the inspiration came from…

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The Idea:

The design came from and was inspired by the simple fact of getting five colors that would work well with each other. It’s an idea I’ve had since the launch of the AM1, but further down into Spring of  2010 when more colors were available. I just never followed through because I could never come up with the right result. Now I think I have come up with a really nice looking design that has colors that compliment each other. (P)Purple(O)Obsidian(R)Red(G)Grey and Green. One other thing I wanted to implement into the design, since Purple was going to be prominent, is to get the Grey on the top of the shoe: side pane, front overlay, laces and ankle liner. Those accents would allow it to blend better with Grey denim and definitely bring the Purple out more. Lastly, the name was thought up on the spot at the Nike iD studio because I didn’t have one for it. I simply used the first letters of each color and came up with the word PORG.


On this Air Max iD I used a variety of materials. The obvious synthetic suede is used on the mudguard, side panel and swoosh (though I wanted that to originally be leather). Full grain leather was used on the heel panel overlay and boot leather (a Nike iD Studio exclusive) on the front overlay. Than, you have a very tight knit mesh that was suitable for the fall/winter. It’s much less open than traditional mesh.

Even with all these images, the shoe looks so much better in person. It really pops on foot because of the neutral Grey and that Obsidian (Navy) gives it a really nice tone. This IS one of my best Nike iD’s to date that I’m very proud of. I look forward into trying to design another color-way with the new options out. In fact, I will probably design one every time the options change, instead of just dishing out a lot of money on one palette. Yeah, I may have too many, but it’s not even about that for me. It’s about being creative and different, as opposed to copying a shoe that has been released before.

Enjoy the pics and a sneek peek into a couple of designs I’m working on.


Synthetic Suede

Full Grain Leather

Boot Leather


Club Purple


Light Charcoal

Sport Red

Victory Green

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Alternate lacing I will not use. I think there’s too much Purple as it is.

These are a few of designs I’m working on right now and the single one below is one I just made up the other day. I also have a couple more, but I’ll just share these.

I call the above Blue Sphere.

Photography by Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant sneaker© 2011. All rights Reserved.


Customizer: Nike Air Max 1 iD “PORG”

10 thoughts on “Customizer: Nike Air Max 1 iD “PORG”

  1. very nice and those blue spheres need to be made! so hard. I need to come thru with another ID, hopefully they keep adding more options and materials as it can only get better

  2. Hey,
    i have a question
    are your sneakers your designing for yourself to wear or do you sell them?
    this is the first time on your website and damn you are creative keep it going!


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