Quick Pics: The Real Nike Mags “Marty McFly”

This is too funny because I just saw Back To The Future ll last night and than my friend Goodtime takes this shot. Check out the full image after the break and it’s OK to wet your pants. I did…

Photography By Goodtime

Haven’t done a Quick Pic in a while, but what better way to introduce the idea again with this image. If you have a picture of anything shoe related that you would like to share with fellow shoe enthusiasts, send the pictures to vagrantsneaker@gmail.com. You will get full credit for the image of course. I think this is a cool way to share with others what’s going on around the world in the shoe community. It could be a display at a shop, an image like above, graffiti art of shoes, etc. I think you get the point

Have a Quick Pic? Send them to: vagrantsneaker@gmail.com, Include the image, your name and where you are from.


2 thoughts on “Quick Pics: The Real Nike Mags “Marty McFly”

    • I don’t think they are the same owners. But these are really nice customs. I almost like the way these look a little more than the OG. I like the space boot material used here and gummy bottom. :):):) lol

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