Exclusive: Nike Air Max 2011 iD

As mentioned in my post for Nike iD 2011, the new Nike Air Max 2011 hits the Nike iD Builder. Just like the Lunar Haze iD, it comes out as a custom shoe before it hits the shelves for the general public. One thing you will notice about the Air Max 2011 is it’s much nicer shape and upper which is now in the almost seamless Nike Hyper Fused triple layered upper…

The new Air Max 2011 gets reconstructed for the new year. It now sports a much lower and nicer shape as opposed to the 2009 model (comparison image below). This time around, the model’s make-up includes the latest technology from Nike in their Hyper Fused triple layered upper. Adding much more breathability and flexibility to the once bulky shoe. Highlights include 14 colors, two custom sock liners, two widths, two pairs of laces and the option to paint the entire air bag.

Available now for men, woman and kids. Box Price = $195. Kids Box Price = $190

*Note that these take a bit longer to build than other Nike iD’s. Up to 5 weeks.

Nike iD

[Shape Comparison]

Photography by Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All Rights Reserved.


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