Preview: Saucony Elite x Bodega Phase 3 & 4

Now that the Saucony Elite x Bodega Phase 2 pack launched, one wonders what the future will bring. Well, here is some exciting news for fans of Saucony in the rebirth of two OG models. Back when Bodega announced their collaboration with Saucony, they mentioned that they would want to bring back some models from the vaults of Saucony. Most particularly, Saucony’s Grid 9000 and Master Control…

Spotted above are the two color-way’s of the Grid 9000. These look nice, but I’m personally more excited about Master Control from the Phase 4 pack. The images below show two type of make-ups. Two coming with beautiful nubuck toe-boxes and the other looks to have some nylon mixed in. Look at the heel panel of the Green/Grey pair. Could possibly have a nylon toe-box, but time will only tell. All three seem to come with gummy bottoms too. 🙂 Very exciting times for Saucony fan and if your not, it’s an even better time for you to get to know the brand…

I’m persoanlly excited about the Master Control in the Blue/Grey C/W and the Grey/Green C/W. What about you? Are you also excited to see these models come back from the Saucony vaults?

Images Via FNG


18 thoughts on “Preview: Saucony Elite x Bodega Phase 3 & 4

  1. Well played Saucony, well played Bodega! Im ALL over the master controls! No matter what cw, they all look ace! If someone with the same authority as Bodega would mess around in the Asics vault (hint R. fig) god knows our pocket books would stay dry..

    This is true colaborating!

    Nice one V 🙂

    • Well said Mattias!!! I’m hoping for the day that Asics release the Sagas. If amyone would be able to do it, I would have to think that RF could have some influence on it. But yeah, these Master Controls look exciting mate.

    • yo bru,
      agreed but those Master Control r og and got a nice skinny shape wich give them a retro look and i love the gummy bottom… far from the phase2 but brillant reissue homie….
      It’s all about taste, will see them properly when they’ll update some proper pics;)
      Cheers Sole catch u soon 😉

  2. Wow I just found an OG pair of Grid 9000 vintage digging recently, never thought they would bring that one back, props to Bodega on reaching in the vault. They need to bring back the Spotbilt Xpress, that would be crazy!!

  3. Yep, the blue/grey master controls are my top pick too. Hopefully Saucony’s taking notes from these collaborations. I know they tried on the Lux-pack, but in my eyes they failed on that. Contrast stitching isn’t a good look.

    • I actually have to disagree with ylle021. I think Saucony is one of the very few companies that actually do contrast stitching right, Yeah, the Black pair from the Lux pack seemed like it would have looked better without the contrast stitching, but it wasn’t horrible. Even the Forest Green pair with the little contrast stitching on he logo adds a nice accent to the make-up. There’s a time and place for it, but I personally think Saucony gets it right most of the time when compared to other companies.

  4. When its done as an accent it could be nice, but as for the black pair it takes over the whole shoe completely. The green and grey pair are not bad, so I stand corrected. I just think its a shame when they add this contrast stitching on an otherwise nicely executed sneaker. Keep it simple I say.
    Contrast stitching and patent leather are the Akilles heels of Saucony.

    • I feel the same way with the black pair, but hey it’s not for everybody. ..and yeah, patent leather is terrible on runners. I personally only like it used for small accent/s, but as part of a whole panel of a shoe is a big no no!!!

  5. wow. More freaking releases of heat. What a year this is turning out to be. Trippin over the MC’s in ALLLLLLL CWS! DAYUMMMM! plus I am very pleased to see very decent prices from the likes of bodega and others like ronnie F, unlike some 200-300 and up shoes that hardly should be 100$! :)))

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