It’s Here!: Nikon D3100

After some months of trying to figure out what body I wanted to get and thinking of what exactly would benefit me,  I decided for the lowest new body from Nikon the D3100. I figure it would be a nice start to get to know a DSLR and at the same time, put the money I wanted to spend on a D7000 to get better glass. Once I start to make money off of this body and pay it off, I will move up to a much better body. Now to learn this bad boy and to replace this shitty glass to a sigma…

…and no, I will not stop shooting with my Panasonic DMC ZS5. I’ ve spent a lot of time with that camera and I still love it a lot. Check out my latest images with the Nikon D3100…

So far, I’m very happy with my purchase and you can see some of my first test test shots on shoes below. I still need so much more practice, that I’ve been on Youtube looking at tutorials for photography and Apple’s Aperture. Really liking the Aperture program a lot. Makes editing photos a breeze and at the same time comes with some very powerful tools. This is the reason I’v been ignoring some updates the last couple of days. Also, I may make some of these wallpapers for anyone to download.

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6 thoughts on “It’s Here!: Nikon D3100

  1. I also just recently grabbed the 3100 and Im loving it as well!!!! I def. need to play with it alot more and figure out everything as its my first SLR I have ever owned. I was very to happy to see you grabbed one since you know quite a bit more about cameras and taking beautiful shots than I do. The new pics look Fantastic!!! Im looking forward in seeing your progress with it as it will greatly Help me out as well!

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