They are here. My Nike Air Max 1 iD dubbed “PORG”. My first Nike iD design using 5 colors (White mid-sole doesn’t count) and the first time I used the Obsidian hue on any of my color-ups. I’ll have shots of these in the coming future. Also, I showed these to someone and they really liked them a lot, but said something that made me say, “Damn, I can’t believe I did that”. Eventually I laughed it off. Still think It’s a really nice design no matter what…

[Click To View On Black]

You know, sometimes as an artist you always stay inspired by what you like. It makes you want to do the same and go further as an artist in whatever you do. At the same time, your favorite inspirations sometimes stay in the back of your head waiting. Which at times can inspire something you do, to look like something you like. Well, it happened to me and I didn’t even realize until I received these…

PORG= Purple, Obsidian, Red, Grey


Customizer: Nike Air Max 1 iD “PORG” – Teaser 2

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