Available: Nike Lunar Orbit+

I’ve been waiting to see some real life pics of these because I think they look quite interesting. Zipper and all. They remind me of a modern-day twisted version of a Nike Presto. A shoe, which is to this day, my most comfortable pair of runners in my collection. Hands down. So when these appeared, I was intrigued to say the least. There is so much going on with shoe, why wouldn’t you be? If your itching to get these like me, they have released overseas at a few spots, namely Kix-Files. But rest assured, these ND GR Nike Lunar Orbit’s will see release in many places. Check out the first three colors…

If you don’t already know, the Nike Lunar Orbit+ are made from materials and fabrication that make up the Nike Tech Pack jackets. The design by Nate VanHook tries to go past some boundaries by adding a triple mesh upper inspired by wet-suits. He joined a bottom liner, EVA foam and a top-layer mesh to make this low profile and light silhouette. Highlights include asymmetrical coated zippers, superior comfort, welded bemis tape, and GPS coordinates etched near the zipper to Beaverton, Oregon. Pretty kool stuff going on here. At least I think so and appreciate the efforts put into this design. Look for these to be heading to you local Nike stockist soon..


2 thoughts on “Available: Nike Lunar Orbit+

  1. These look really nice here but they also look a little too low profile for my taste.. I guess I would have to see them in person..

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