Available: Puma x Classic Kicks R698 “Teal”

These out and about finally. The Puma x Classic Kicks R698 Teal color-way has hit SNKRS. Only a few sizes are available for your grabbing in this premium shoe, so hurry. The shoe’s popping prominent Teal color-way is sure to turn heads. Even when you’re carrying your laptop in the matching neoprene laptop sleeve that this comes with…

For those that don’t know, Classic Kicks was a boutique on Elizabeth St., New York off of Houston Street that closed down last year. I will assume this was probably a project that they were working on before that happened. Don’t know if they have any plans to re-open anymore, or what they are doing. In any case, good luck hunting these down if they sold out on your size. Also, I have to say these pics make the shoe look so much better than the original images seen around the net. Those made these look like clown shoes…

Box Price = $160


38 thoughts on “Available: Puma x Classic Kicks R698 “Teal”

  1. Hey Angel,

    i really appreciate all the updates since most shops you mention are located on this side of the pond…makes it a bit easier to hunt.

    not being a fan of puma at all but even if i liked them i´d skip this one…it´s so ugly 😉
    the problem is that most of the collabs or LEs would end up on the sale rack if they were GRs…
    i´d like to see more clean CWs…with focus on materials and not on causing eye cancer..
    take the latest BDGA x saucony..without the cream colored midsole all of them would be top notch…classic shapes..nice materials, clean CWs

    • NP Luke. I’m just more interested in runners than anything else. no really focusing on it. Every blog is concerned about tons of content. I’ll stick to just this because it’s what I passion. Just wish I had more time to dedicate to my blog. It’s a bit frustrating at times. smh

      I agree with you on most points, but to be fair this shoe is definitely not for everyone. I would buy them, rock them hard and I bet my images on foot would make people think twice. 😉 It’s all about how you pull them off.

      The Bodegas are nice, but like you said, certain things left out would have made them a bit more attractable. Though, I am tempted by the Blue/Grey pair. Skipping them though because I’m getting something else that’s not shoe related. 😉

  2. Luke i totally agree with all that, i sometimes think they only make these LEs because they know its just a small production run, and the colab publicity just adds extra kudos to the brand.

  3. the good stuff about the bodegas is that they won´t go within 60 secs..
    good chance to grab one…
    i´d like to see more collabs like the Phase 2.
    or some nice GRs instead of another ugly collab…
    they work with brands or shops that design some awsome shoes while their own designers come up with sth. like the lyte iii pastel pack…wtf???

  4. cool with that mate!

    i hope that the industry will get back on track some day..i am getting bored lately…
    most GRs are ugly while the nice collabs are sold out in minutes and end up on ebay for double or triple retail within 24hrs…bullshit!

  5. ear ear luke…. plus some customers (to not specify who they r) buy them only cause of the over hype made for some collabs like sheeps and not for the love of the products…

    • aaaah nice my maan, truly i’m goin’on my 29 years old and i love kicks since my youngest age, unfortunately i was not allowed to get my fav kicks when i was young, hopefully now sometimes i can, but my wallet do not allow me to buy all the beauties i would love to cop…
      Plus the kicks industry nowadays is infected by some “hypebeast” teenagers (OMG where do they get the money from?! ahah)
      But hey Luke that’s life and in my point it’s all about the love of the kicks brU 😉

  6. Nope…i am not into adidas..i own not even one pair..
    i was thinking about getting the OG CW but i skipped…
    plus the support hast to be in a greenish CW. even the hottest collab won´t beat the classic…
    the solebox version would be like replacing the IR on an infrared 90.

    • in my side i get the oG c/w, i remember tried them once when i was 8 years old…
      I saw the 2005 (i think) og released at gloria’s London, since that i thought about trying to get my hands on bru…
      love the “like replacing the IR on an infra” lmao….
      R u livin’ in Berlin?

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