OnMyFeet: Saucony Elite x Bodega Shadow 5000 “Red”

[View The Larger File On Black]

After viewing the Saucony Elite x Bodega Shadow 6000 Phase ll pack, I decide to go back and look for the prior release. Personally, I’m not crazy about the Phase ll outfit when compared to these. That’s not to take away anything from that set, I just prefer these make-ups more. Luckily the Hype isn’t that crazy on this first collab, so I was able to find a pair in my size. On another note, the Shadow 6000 Phase ll is now available at Extra Butter for only $1oo. Check out the above image before it was edited in Photoshop and another shot after the break…

Saucony Elite x Bodega Shadow 5000 "Red"

[View The Larger File On Black]

Here’s the raw JPG before the edits in Photoshop. Because my camera lacks certain features a DSLR has, I have to improvise with certain edits to the image. It is a bit time consuming, but worth it in the end. The image went through some cropping, than blurring, and lastly some contrasting. No saturation is done what so ever. I try not to get too crazy with the edits. Simple touches that pop out the shoe is all that’s needed.

…and as for the shoe…

These Saucony’s that Bodega did are simply stunning. All fours pairs were absolute winners in my book. Materials, Classic Silhouettes, a Great Shape, Nice Color-ups and the beginning of a new sub part company that is giving the sneaker enthusiast what they want. Premium built classic sneakers done the right way without the taxing price. Stay tuned for a PSE feature on this shoe.

[View The Above File On Black]

Photography by Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker©. All Rights Reserved.


9 thoughts on “OnMyFeet: Saucony Elite x Bodega Shadow 5000 “Red”

    • Hard to say because some people stay true to size, but I went half down. They fit fine. It’s really all about how you wear your shoes. I used to like a bit a room in the toe-box, Now I care to have to toe-box area closer and snugger. I ‘d ask around some more.

  1. great shots as usual..
    i for one to not like the all red / blue one…all suede and a mesh toebox would be dope for these 2 colorways…
    the second round is nice but not as good as round 1.
    my faves are the sunrise till sundown Courageous of their first collabo…
    the white one is amazing and the 3m heel with the big logo makes it a beast!

  2. Hi all I got the all Blue ones and yet to wear them myself yet,not so sure about the 2nd pack but not seen them in person yet.

    Glen(Uk West Midlands)

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