News Break: New Balance x La MJC x Colette M1500MJC “Vivre Sans Temps Mort”

Update: 01.20.2011 – 24 Kilates will only be selling these in-store because of the hand full of pairs they will get. Good luck to everyone in Barcelona.

Update: 01.19.2011 – 24 Kilates is also getting them. Waiting for a response on a message to see if I can get a date of release.

Normally don’t write on the weekends, but this can’t wait until Monday. After the Cool Cats and Colette drops, other retail spots were suppose to get a few pairs of these New Balance x La MJC x Colette M1500MJC “Vivre Sans Temps Mort”. One being Hanon as they announced in December, but that never happened. Days past and more days past that have accumulated into two full weeks with no updates from anywhere. So what happened to this shoe and the rest of the stock? Well, today I came across some info that is good and bad at the same time…

The Bad News:

Due to some unfortunate production events at New Balance, the shoes have been delayed. The original stock that was going to be split up between other stockists, will still happen, but now in a very limited amount. No word on the numbers or what actually occurred, but all the stores that were originally getting them will now share this low allocation. Sucks, but hey, at least everyone will still get another shot at these beauties.

The Good News:

Now that New Balance is ready to ship these, you can expect Hanon to finally get their stock. No date yet, but it should be close to January, 21st 2011. I say that because that’s when Sneakers N Stuff will launch their stock and that comes from the mouth of co-owner of SNS, Peter Jansson. There should be other stockist getting them, but I have no word yet as to who. Your guess is as good as mine. This post will be updated if anymore info is leaked. Good luck to everyone on grabbing a pair and if you haven’t read it, check out my Fresh Look Review with loads of detailed shots on this great shoe.

Photography by Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker©. All rights reserved. You want to use my images? Make sure you give me credit and link back to my blog. That’s all I ask.



26 thoughts on “News Break: New Balance x La MJC x Colette M1500MJC “Vivre Sans Temps Mort”

  1. Yes i knew it before Launch date online 12:00 + 1 gmt, unfortunatiely hanon website felt down for thei launchYes i knew it Launch date online 12:00 + 1 gmt.
    Viva SNS

      • AHAH not at all..
        i just woke up and i did the comment before taking my first coffee sir, was sleepy like a zombie & i did a mistake when i did a cut & past, what a dumb lmao!
        But hey rectification: they ‘ll dropped online at 12:00+1 GMT.
        Good luck to everyone! ..

      • damn i missed the hanon restocking….
        well u own a pair vagrant and u said before that for a uk made they fit a bit narrower than usually, i do a 10us in am1, 10,5 for AM90 infra, 10 for the eqt support running, could u advise me about wich size to get for those MJC if i can get my hands on? i own other NB model but i stay baffled with those one
        Do a 10US should be ok?
        Thank u sir.

  2. I love these sneakers! They were my big Christmas gift for this year, and they definitely are worth it. I ordered mine within hours of release. Here’s a sad story, though: I log on to CoolCats, and they only have 11.5 left. I’m usually a 12, but I decide to pounce. I run to get my credit card, come back, and all they have is 9.5. Damn. I go to bed dejected, but when I wake up, I check colette. Luckily, they’re in stock, but shipping to US cost 42 euros. I was pissed, because that is exponentially more than CoolCats’ 15 euro US shipping, but I went ahead and bit the bullet. The shoes are incredibly comfortable and stylish, but there are some issues.

    1. The front red suede is kinda thin. In some places, the nap cannot be restored, because the “fuzzy stuff” is already worn completely off.

    2. The white laces get stained red really easily due to the suede around the lace holes. They’re fine after washing, though.

    Whoah! I’ve never made a comment/review that long. This is my first time on Vagrant Sneaker, but I’m definitely adding it to my list of blogs. It’s much nicer than other sneaker sites. Enjoy the snow!

  3. I would rate these as an 8.5 overall. Other than those two small caveats, my only problem is that I never want to wear them, since they’re limited edition and expensive (especially in the winter, though I recommend the New Balance water-proofer spray, which works very well).

    • Stephen due to the thin suede and the description u have done, do u think that goin’ hal size up could keep the whole shoes cleaner?
      plus this advise about this New balance water-proofer cleaner is much appreciated;)
      Now i just get my fingers crossed in order to have the chance to grab one via the next launches 😉

  4. I don’t see any benefit to going a size up. In fact, my line of reasoning is: get your correct size so that you’re less likely to trip and scuff them. 😀

    If you’re stretching the sneaker more by wearing your own size, that might be a valid point. Food for thought…

    • i thought the same but had nutin’ to loose ask this…
      Unfortunately the SNS launch was a fail…and 24 kil won’t sell them online,
      i’m probably not destined for those MJC…
      I guess with Solebox or Endclothing i could have a last chance to grab mine.
      Have u heard about the fit sizing of the Jordan 3 og white/cement? do they fit true to size cause i heard that they r a bit narrow due to the leather material, do i have to go half size up with those beauties or stay tinto my proper size mate?

      • Hey Different Strokes, I picked up the fire red III retro’s from 06 back then and I had to go a half size down from my regular size 12 since they fit kind of big.. They actually strecthed a little after a few wears and fit perfectly.. and then I sold them.. lol.. My heart has always been on the black c/w which I’ll get someday.. Hope this helps..

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