Customizer: Nike Air Force 1 iD Low & High 2011

In December, Nike iD released the Air Force 1 iD Low and High to the public via the Nike iD builder for the first time ever. What most consumers didn’t know, was that the shoes were limited to only 350 pairs. The reason behind that was because the original colors and materials from it’s original debut in 1982 made up it’s palette. Hence the reason the shoe disappeared within a day. Well, good news is already here for some, including my un-made designs you see above and after the break…

If you are still interested in grabbing the Air Force 1 iD Low or High, you can now go to the nearest Nike iD studio and make yourself a pair there with the same exact palette. But wait, it gets even better. According to the Nike iD Specialists, the iD shoe will be around for a little while and receive updates through out the coming months. This is pretty exciting if your into this shoe because it has some great color blocking potential. As you can see above, I’ve made these two designs that I like a lot. Though not being a fan of the AF1, I have owned it before and I’ve always liked the high top a lot for some reason. Maybe if I get a chance, I’ll make one of these with some possible tweaks.

Stay tuned for some real life image of the AF1 iD samples in the coming days and some other iD news coming soon. HINT: Can you say J or the word Lion…


4 thoughts on “Customizer: Nike Air Force 1 iD Low & High 2011

  1. Hola,estan en venta las zapatillas (azul y negro) de las imagenes,pregunto si estan en venta,porque a mi me gustaron mucho y porque son mis colores favoritos,espero respuests gracias

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