Coming Soon: New Balance x Crooked Tongues 2011

If you haven’t heard yet, this year marks the Ten Year anniversary for the ever popular site, Crooked Tongues. You already know what that means right? It’s time for some projects to come out from their neck of the woods. The first rumblings are their first collaboration this year with a familar brand, New Balance. No stranger to New Balance, Crooked Tongues released four shoes in the 576 model on 2004, than four more different shoes in 2006 dubbed, “Confederacy of Villainy”. Five years later, it’s that time again for CT to get some SMU’s out to their fans for 2011. The question is, what model/s are they working on….

No, I don’t know which NB they are working on, but I do know that 2 days ago some of the CT team was at Flimby putting the final touches on their collaboration with New Balance. So I thought it would be kool to see what model or possibly, models do you think they are working on. I choose familiar ones below for all to vote on and see what CT will deliver. If you ask me, I think an NB 1500 is in the works. Especially since we will see a lot of that model this year. What do you guys think will be their effort? Vote and leave a comment.


18 thoughts on “Coming Soon: New Balance x Crooked Tongues 2011

  1. AHAH nice, i asked them before and they ‘ll told me that i should be happy this new year fot that…
    SMHHHH guess it could be a 1500 homie 😉

  2. These are interesting speculations!

    Crazy ideas from people wondering, have been the 997! (The discussion on CT shows a bit of that) I always thought that it was pretty daft even thinking about the opportunity of reviving this model since i think that Flimby doesnt even have the mold.. But then again, who knows for sure? I really do like the fact that people arent afraid to share their VERY high expectations for this colab.

    I would like to be optimistic and vote “None of the above” as in “We’ll see a 997 or 998!”

    Besides all that, a 1500 or simply any other of the above would be awesome.. I dont think we will be dissapointed! 😀


  3. Can’t wait to see what the come up wit. I voted they would do a totally dif. Model but I’m hoping for someone to do a 997 or 998 as these models have been getting slept on extra hard. That would be real hard but I’m sure whatever they put forth is a def cop from me considering their past releases

  4. Hi V.S I can not wait for this drop I wonder if it will be just trainer in the drop or more! I hope its a nice little pack Bring them on………….

  5. Hi all just picked the New Balance 575 Black Barts of Ebay for a bargin price so bring on the next pack lol

    Peace out


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