Coming Soon: Saucony Elite x Bodega Phase ll Pack

I’m sure you’ve seen these around the net and at Hanon-Shop which announced these for a January, 2011 launch. Looking here you take note of five models, four in the Shadow 6000 and one in the Jazz 91. The only thing is that these are really bad pictures of them. Almost making them look really cheap when compared to their incredible counter parts. So through some digging I remembered seeing pictures of these in a suitcase somewhere. I found those pictures which put to shame these really bad brand stock images…

Now look at the above and below images. Big difference when you see actual images of them. As of now, Hanon-Shop is the only one touting release of these and there’s no word yet as to who else will offer them, nor how many of this pack was made. Stay tuned, because going by how the other pack was released, you can expect these to possibly release elsewhere. Oh, and the Grey pair gets the F.O.B.T. (Fresh Out The Box) Choice for sure. Suede looks so damn buttery on these. More so than the last pack.

Images Via Sneaker Freaker

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Saucony Elite x Bodega Phase ll Pack

  1. mmm butter agreed…i know that u own the Bodega Shadow 5000 wich is a dopE product, it seems that on this one the suede look softer, isn’t it ?

  2. Loving the all gray 6000. The only thing that botters me is why did they go for the “Cream” colored midsoles? It worked on the 5000, but I’m not sure it works on these.

    & I gotta agree on the pictures…

    • You know, I was kinda of on the fence about that on the 5000 until I saw them and wore them. I think it was subtle color that brought a different life to the shoe. I actually appreciate it a lot more after wearing them. On these, they do look a bit darker, almost giving them a vintage hint. But, the images are a bit over saturated which could be making the creme color a bit more pronounced. We’ll just have wait for more images.

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