Coming Soon: New Balance x Concepts CM999 “The Kennedy”

Yes, Yes, Yes! These are looking quite nice. If you picked up Sneaker Freaker issue 20, you would have seen these images in the magazine. If you didn’t pick up SF 20, than you’ll see the shoe in all it’s glory after the break and read about the idea behind the color-way…

On this New Balance collaboration, retail store Concepts takes the NB 999 model and comes up with a classy make-up. As described before, the color-way uses USA type of colors, but it’s actually inspired by a dead president and his love for New England’s sailing history. That president is the one and only John F. Kennedy. Now I have to say, that’s one of the most creative idea’s I’ve heard of when it comes to an SMU. So big props to Frank Rivera and crew on this nautical inspired shoe. BTW, it will also come in a mesh bag. Completing the whole nautical feel and design.

I know everyone wants to know when do these drop. So, expect them to hit sometime in March, 2011. This will be a nice B-day gift to myself if I’m able to grab a pair. Come on March…


9 thoughts on “Coming Soon: New Balance x Concepts CM999 “The Kennedy”

  1. Very nice!! For over a year now I have for the most part shifted to NB.. I’m even rocking GR 574s on a regular basis given the really nice C/Ws they have been putting out, in my opinion is such a versatile shoe.. Anyhow, this release along with all the UK stuff is really making it hard for me to go back to the swoosh.. By the way V, have you seen those made in the UK 574s? Bloody lovely I think.. I would really love to find out why NB aren’t putting out any made in the US 574s? I say we start a petition.. What do you think?? lol..

    • Those NB 574 UK made are looking great. I will definitely pre-order a pair for sure. Most likely the grey pair. Really happy to see a UK version of these. You know, I wish NB USA would take over this model and keep doing what they did with the Clips make-ups. Those shoes are tremendous. For those that have never REALLy seen them, they don’t understand. The materials and build on them are more than impressive. You know what, I will do a PSE for both colors in the coming days. You just motivated me. A petition? hmmmmmm….

  2. Yeah man, NB USA layed it down with the clips.. Though I didn’t manage to snag a pair, I did manage to get a US made 574 in that good ol’ grey NB is known for, peep it-
    New Balance 574 Made in USA

    Now if they were to start pumping these out in all kinds of nice colors like the Asia made ones… shiiieeeettt!! There has to be someway or someone at NB that we can hit up for suggestions.. I’ll check their corporate site for any lead.. Nothing to lose really.. Looking forward to that PSE bro..

    • Doug, I’ve been searching for those for a while now. I found a pair at Zacky’s in the city, but when I went to go get the box, it had the bulky shape. I checked every single box and they were all like that. They must have ha d a shipment because the display model had the clips Shape. I was a bit pissed about it. Glad you got those though.

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