These arrived pretty fast (3 days), so shouts to Burn Rubber for getting them out to me on a timely fashion. On this Fresh Look, we will take a detailed pictorial journey with my own personal review of the New Balance x Burn Rubber MT580BR. Those with concerns of the quality issues shouldn’t be surprised and those still waiting for their’s to arrive, will be excited. But of course, not all is dandy with this shoe. Particularly mine..


First, if you haven’t read about the idea behind the shoe, check the info on Burn Rubber’s co-owner and designer’s blog, Rick Williams. The color-way for the shoe is one that is will always be a winner with fans. With a mostly Grey upper, you can catch hints of White, Black and Orange through-out the shoe. They also designed a custom argyle print that adds a nice style and look to the shoe. Simple, clean, and put well together from a C/W standpoint. It’s a color-up that symbolizes Burn Rubber’s own color palette for their site.


The shoe comes with many different materials, with most being used as an accent. The upper is made from a nice and buttery nubuck suede embraced by mesh, 3M reflective and patent leather. The Silver 3M reflective is placed underneath the Side panel NB logo, lace place holder on the tongue, heel and part of what makes up the lower side panel of the shoe. It is also placed in Black on the front overlay. White patent leather is used sparingly on the tongue tag and back ankle tab. The shoe also comes with a nice custom made argyle print for the inside of the ankle collar, a pair of laces, and the entire sock liner is made up from it. The last piece of the puzzle is my favorite type of out-sole, a gummy bottom.

Overall, I think the shoe is well put together, with using some materials as great accents to enhance the look of the shoe. Specifically the 3M reflective and argyle print. The shoe comes with four pair of laces with the Burn Rubber name on the plastic tips; Black, Grey, White and Argyle print. You will find two plastic lace locks with the burn rubber name too.


Since I don’t have any experience with the shoe itself, there isn’t much I can say. From a first time owner of the model, all looks good. Other than the toe-box being a bit too bulky for my taste, the shoe looks decent. As with all of the New Balance’s I own, I went half size down than my normal size 11 wear on other brands. For me, it fits perfectly. But than again, I have changed the style in which I wear my shoes. Normally I used to like some room in the front of my toes, now-a-days. I like a snugger fit. So far, I can say that this half size down on NB’s applies to the 574, 577, 1300 (Exception is the 1300JP. Stay true to that), and now the 580. Not bad, but not crazy about the model.

Losing Ponits

Here is where the shoe lost points. Through close inspection upon arrival of the shoe, I noticed a few things that I didn’t like. Image one above will show you a splatter of glue near the NB logo on the toe-box. Image two showcases a weird hair line scratch on the 3M reflective and a crease on the ankle tab patent leather that is on both shoes (I hate creased patent leather. Not a good look). Image three reveals some messy dried edge glue on the front point where the out-sole meets the front toe-box. I hope for others, this not a concurring case with the shoe, other than the glue in the front which will most likely be there on every shoe.


This collaboration effort between New Balance USA and Detroit based sneaker boutique Burn Rubber, has some real nice flavor to it. With great premium suede and a plethora of materials used to make up the shoe, it’s another great addition to anyones collection. Especially considering it’s uniqueness. This NB model is the first of it’s kind to hit the USA. That’s not to say it’s not without it’s faults. As a customer, I like all my products fresh out the box with no scars. For this shoe, coming in with the messy glue visible on the front, on the 3M reflective and the creasing on the ankle tab patent leather, it loses one whole point. It could have gotten an 8, but this China made NB comes with stuff that are pretty common turn offs that shouldn’t be. Hey, It’s China and that’s how they do. The price is a bit steep ($150) considering that they are not a UK nor USA made New Balance. I’m sure there are many factors that could be considered and put into the “Why the Price?” question. In the end, I think a lot of people will be very happy with them and those who have already chosen not to buy them, will miss out on a pretty nice shoe. Props to the guys at Burn Rubber for a unique product. I can see the passion put into the shoe.

Enjoy the rest of the images and keep the shoes on your feet…

On another note, looks like Burn Rubber will be getting more of the NB’s this coming Wednesday, the 1st of December according to their twitter. Also, check out the stockist list at the end of this post.

On a second note..If any shoe companies out there reading this would like me to review their shoe, you can contact me at

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Image with flash.

Photography by Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker©. All rights reserved. You want to use my images? Make sure you give me credit and link back to my blog. That’s all I ask.

Stockist List


  • Burn Rubber
  • Packers Shoes
  • RIME
  • Division West
  • Nice Kicks
  • Sport Sole
  • Premium Goods
  • Sole Boutique
  • Adikt
  • Shogun
  • Shoelab
  • Huf
  • Goods
  • Highpoint
  • WISH
  • Capsule
  • Saint Alfred


  • Mita sneakers
  • Undefeated JAPAN & TOKYO


  • Colette and Star Cow France
  • Crooked Tongues
  • End Clothing
  • Size
  • Hanon


Fresh Look: New Balance x Burn Rubber MT580BR Review

20 thoughts on “Fresh Look: New Balance x Burn Rubber MT580BR Review

  1. was pissed that I missed out at first but after this review, happy I didn’t get them. I always thought the 580 was too bulky as well, just in general. Keep up the good work with the site.

    • Thanks for the compliments Paul. Yeah, I was always interested in this model, but now that I have one I think I’ll be keeping only one. You definitely have to have an acquired taste for it.

      Actually, I kinda look forward to the solid black and solid white perforated pack coming out next year.

      Really like the look of the above.

  2. My pair still don’t even get shipped out & I’m already starting to regret buying them. (If I would’ve read this BEFORE, I’m I would’ve deffinetly skipped them.)

    Now I’m feeling alittle gutted that I won’t have the $$$ for the Size? Stabs since I got these.

    Gray laces for the win IMO.

    • It’s still a nice shoe, If you don’t like it, why don’t you call or e-mail them to cancel. Not to makes matters worse, but why would you choose these over the Stabs? If I only had money for one, I would have gone with Size? for sure. I’m hoping I can be lucky enough to grab a pair when they release. I really want that shoe. Than the Adidas EQT after…;) I’m leaning towards Grey laces also..

      • It was the colorway that had me sold & the gum sole. But it’s to late to return them, just got an e-mail letting me know that they’ve been shipped out.

        I’ll have no chance to get the Stabs. I’m curtain they’ll sell out within a couple of days, IF that. And to make things even worse, I forgot about Solebox’s release. NO CHANCE.

        (I guess I’ll have to star looking foward to next year’s releases…I’ll be ready for more by then.)

  3. DAMN, i have putted my comment on the false tread…

    Here it is in the good context…

    t pics Vagrant wich let me on one left legs….the coating is a shame for a high price sneaker like those…
    Mine won’t arrive soon but if i thought, like P.S., i would prefer pass my way and stay focalized on the SIZE? Stab…. for sure the burn rubber are something good to add in a collection when you have the chance to own a good bank account …
    Anyway Vagrant , the New Balance MTG580B Gore Tex are so fresh, agreed .
    Always a pleasure to see your new treads!

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  5. This was a very thorough article and review. I appreciate the good with the bad. I also appreciate everyone that supported our first project with New Balance. I’ll be sure to keep this article in mind when I sit down to work on our next one. Thank you for taking the time to review our sneaker.

    • No problem Rick. Congrats on the shoe and it’s success. I know a lot of people that now know about your shop because of it. Including me. I’m glad I was able to put a little insight with this review and that you also understand it. Look forward to your next project.

  6. Congrats too, i appreciate what you did Rick, living in Eu i’m waiting for my Burn Rubber to arrive in order to look this collab more closely, first i was a bit suprised looking at vagrant’s review to see some bad points in the coating but i definitely love the c/w and the design of this shoes, this product goes straight in the NB history.
    AHAH i’m ready to see your next collab.

    Thanks Vagrant, it’s always a pleasure to see your updates 😉

  7. Hey wassup Angel!! How’s it going? So tied up with year end projects at work that I barely have time for the blogs.. Nice write up as usual and good to see you keeping up the blog! I absolutely love the make up of this shoe, its a winner with flaws and all.. However, I have tried on the MT580 before and I just couldn’t get over the chunky/bulky look to them.. add to that that I’m a size 12 and is not really a good look for me.. lol.. But like I said, I still love it and the Burn Rubber crew did an awesome job!!

  8. Mine just arrived today :DDDD !!!
    I was scared to discover some bad points, i have to notice that the stitching where the 3D meets the sole on the right side of the left shoes is coated with a zillion of glue plus same as the creases on the ankles tab patent leather and the glue in the front wich seem to be on every shoes …..

    Otherwise i love the use of the material and the shape is dope. Sure they are some bad points in the coating but on the whole this collab is a must cop for NB addicted……

    I must say that even if u can go half a size down on certain uk made nb models, this MT580 fits true to size ….

    Burn Rubber, one lovE…..

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