Listen Up: New Balance x Burn Rubber MT580BR Not Sold Out Everywhere

Updated: 12.03.2010 -Stockist list added after the break and available to buy now. Also, Hanon-Shop date change and End Clothing UK date.

Updated: 11.30.2010 – Looks like Burn Rubber will be getting more of the NB’s this coming Wednesday, the 1st of December according to their twitter. Check it after the break.

Updated: 11.28.2010 – December 1st is the World release for the New Balance x Burn Rubber MT580. Stockist list on the way…

I normally don’t do this, but I don’t want anyone getting caught off guard when they still have a chance…

Other than the size 7.5 still available, these sold out pretty quick. Congrats to everyone that did get a pair for keeps. Now, If you missed out, you STILL have a chance at grabbing these. By no means should you be going to eBay and bidding on the one’s listed. We have a couple of BAFOONES who think they are slick. From what info I’ve gathered, Burn Rubber did not sell all 500 shoes at their store. Learn why after the break…

This is the Hanon drop date above that was sent to me.

There will be other stockist that will get these, but no word yet as what New Balance accounts will get them in the USA. BUT, you can grab a pair from Hanon when they are released on December 1, 2010 for far less than what’s listed on the Bay (Just in case they become your last resort.). Don’t get caught strung by your balls by reading the mis-leads on the eBay descriptions also. They are not sold out yet, only at The Burn Rubber store. If you feel like you will miss out and don’t have the time to keep up with the news on these, than I guess you have no other choice than the one’s listed on the bay. I have nothing against people selling shoes, but don’t write false statements in your listing saying “They are sold out everywhere”.

Just wanted to keep you guys informed and away from the sharks.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Vagrant Sneaker

Updated: 12.01.2010 – You  can grab a pair of these at Major DCReedspace, Wishatl, Nicekicks shop (in store) and a Re-Up at Burn Rubber right now. Hanon has also changed their date from the 1st of December, to the 10th of December and End Clothing is stating midnight December 7th.

Updated: 11.30.2010

Updated: 11.28.2010

Stockist List


  • Burn Rubber
  • Packers Shoes
  • RIME
  • Division West
  • Nice Kicks
  • Sport Sole
  • Premium Goods
  • Sole Boutique
  • Adikt
  • Shogun
  • Shoelab
  • Huf
  • Goods
  • Highpoint
  • WISH
  • Capsule
  • Saint Alfred


  • Mita sneakers
  • Undefeated JAPAN & TOKYO


  • Colette and Star Cow France
  • Crooked Tongues
  • End Clothing
  • Size
  • Hanon


7 thoughts on “Listen Up: New Balance x Burn Rubber MT580BR Not Sold Out Everywhere

  1. i ordered mines from Burn Rubber on the 26 late in the morning, lucky me! .
    Living in south of france, I used to order some special release via Hanon but this time i didn’t wanted to wait for the 1 december cause of the high demand on this product, hanon website will be def too busy at the launch date and it will be difficult to get one pair……
    But people who put some on ebay at a double price mentionning that they are sold everywhere are big liars and try to make money with some sneaker addicts…
    I can only say to people who wants to purchaze the last pairs available via Hanon “Good luck” guys and be really quick the D Day…..
    Right now i can’t wait to put thos masterpieces on!!!!
    What’s next…. probably in my opinion one of the big hit a this end of the year, the Size x Dave White Air Stab, just hope they’ll be available in half size wich is not sure at all… the La MJC Colette x NB 1500 made in UK or the Solebox EQT release even if the OG color wich will be available at the same time is a must cop too….
    AHAH this end of the year is full of great releases! i feel like a big child!
    Thanks for all, i love your blog Vagrant, keep it goin’on!

    • Congrats on the purchase! I’m looking forward to mine too which should be here on Monday. I’ be taking some nice pics of them for a post, and out of the three shoes you mentioned, I’m most looking forward to the Size? Stabs and the EQT OG. I’m gonna skip the Solebox and 1500. I have my eyes on other things… lol My other half tells me the same. That I’m a kid with new found candy.

      Thanks for the compliments too. 🙂

  2. Tasty monday! I will love to see ur own pics,mine will come in a cople of weeks…
    Right now, I definitely put first on my candies list the the the Size? Stabs !

    Cheers! 🙂

  3. Great pics Vagrant wich let me on one left legs….the coating is a shame for a high price sneaker like those…
    Mine won’t arrive soon but if i thought, like P.S., i would prefer pass my way and stay focalized on the SIZE? Stab…. for sure the burn rubber are something good to add in a collection when you have the chance to own a good bank account …
    Anyway Vagrant , the New Balance MTG580B Gore Tex are so fresh, agreed ;).
    Always a pleasure to see your new treads!

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