After about a three and a half week long wait, my Nike Air Max 90 iD’s are here. This pair is using the new and updated, AM90 iD fall options. Just like the updated Air Max 1 iD I reviewed a few weeks back. Here, you will see my personal review on this product, which will break down some of your concerns. So, lets dig into this ‘Fresh Look‘…

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The idea:

I wanted to create a design that I can constantly wear throughout the winter. It had to be dominated by black and have blue accents. The idea was also based on the fact that I wear a lot of raw denim which bleeds onto shoes. Having an all black upper cancels this.


As mentioned before, this is a new palette of materials than the previous Summer and Spring options of 2010. This AM90 iD has materials more focused for the Fall and Winter weather. You’re able to choose from from three different leathers. They are the full grain, patent and boot leathers; the boot leather only available to the public at the Nike iD In-Store Only Studios. You will not find it on the Nike iD Builder on Nike’s site. You also get to use a ballistic mesh and gummy bottom option. Ballistic mesh, for those that don’t know, looks similar to this. The gummy bottom is also only available at the Nike iD In-Store Only Studios. One more thing, you can not color the inside of the air bag.

With this design, I went ahead with the full grain and patent leathers. The patent only being used on the swoosh as an accent. I wanted to bring out the shoe some more instead of having a plain black leather swoosh on top of a leather side panel. I think the accent works well, especially when lights hit it. This is also an idea I drew up on my first Nike Air Max 1 iD; A Black 3 M swoosh on top of Black suede. I just think having a different material, with pop, adds a nicer dimension to the shoe. Though, most don’t like patent leather on running shoes, sometimes it works well as an accent in the appropriate places.

Next, a gummy bottom replaces the original outsole that can also be chosen as one full color if you like; The quality is real nice too. No complaints here. I’m a huge fan of the gummy bottom and as you may have seen this year, it has made a tremendous comeback. It’s just a really nice material thats adds another great accent to the shoe. For me, it brings out more attention to that area. Especially when mixed with a white midsole as I did here. I could’ve colored the air bag hinge, but I kept it White also. It looks different and un-common like the AM 90’s you see in stores with that area colored.

Minklon Ankle Collar

The last pieces of this puzzle start with the ballistic mesh. This is a nice mesh for this type of weather. It’s very tight knit, so you can keep the cold and rain away from your feet. Unlike regular weaved mesh which lets the cold in and pours in the soaking rain into the shoe. But, not all is well with this mesh. If you have ever owned a ballistic mesh shoe, than you already know what I’m about to say. Yes, it will crease. If you don’t like that, than this is not for you. Personally, I don’t mind it because eventually it will b promoted to my ‘Beater’ class. I’m not going to lie though, it does bother me a little. Life goes on… There is also two ankle collar options. One in the nylon weaved material named Minklon and the other option in a wool fabric to keep your feet warm. The wool option only available at the, you guessed it, Nike iD In-Store Only Studios. …and the Laces are Knitted in a weird way. Not crazy about them. If you bought the recent AM90 Infrared or Laser Blue AM90, you know what I’m taking about.

*note – Don’t expect these materials to be premium. They don’t come anywhere near bespoke fabrics. They are very similar to your normal release Nike shoes. In a lot of cases, they are better.


The colors changed again this time around but, taking away the nice and bright hues for the spring and summer. Now you can expect some darker and earthier tones to fit right in with the coming months. The only thing is that, since the palette got rebooted, there are only a few colors to choose from right now. This only allowing you to design a limited amount of color-way’s. Let’s hope that the previous trend of adding colors to these options, as they did with the S/S 2009-10, continues. Also, the Nike iD In-Store Only Studios have exclusive colors like  these. For this iD I went with Mega Blue for the rubber accents on the shoe.


The shape of the Air Max 90 iD isn’t any where near as faulty as the Air Max 1 iD. It still has some issues, but nothing to really complain about. Though we all wish for the original shape to return one day. We can hope right? One sheep, two sheep, three sheep….. (don’t ask)

Wrap Up

Overall, I am happy with my design. I think it came out better than what I pictured because of the simplicity of the color blocking and materials chosen. For those with concerns of certain materials, I hope I was able to answer your questions with this Fresh Look Review. If you have any more, leave a comment below.

Whether you base your shoe over an idea or just a combination of colors, Nike iD brings the fun back to shoes. Where we are now in a state where re-sellers and companies have ruined what it was like to walk into a store and buy a special something because you like it, now we have folks that could care less about the product and are just here to make a buck of the true shoe lovers.

Wear what you like and keep the shoes on your feet…

Enjoy the images.

Box Price



Full Grain Leather

Minklon Ankle Collar

Gummy Out-Sole

Colors – Black, Mega Blue and White

Inside Of Shoe

Tongue Tags Will Be Whatever Color The Mesh Is

All Photography By Vagrant Sneaker. All Rights Reserved.


Fresh Look: Nike Air Max 90 iD “Lucky Blue” – Fall Options 2010

4 thoughts on “Fresh Look: Nike Air Max 90 iD “Lucky Blue” – Fall Options 2010

  1. the ballistic mesh looks sick, love the colours, tempting me to create my first ID. was wondering though, what were the specific issues with the shape of the AM1 and the 90 as im considering one of each ID. I have always thought the shape of the AM1 on the ID renderings looked way off, but i just thought that was to do with it being laced up tight and not being worn in etc

  2. yeh the AM1 looks really off in the renderings but i always found the shape looks better on the foot. was also wondering if that ballistic mesh is the mesh you would get if you ordered off the website or is it an in store only mesh? i cant decide on colours for a pair and was thinking of maybe even going for an all grey try on with mesh to make things easy

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