Exclusive: Nike Air Max 1 iD Fall Update 2 Preview

Nike was kind enough to give me a special gift recently. On my visit to the Nike Town NYC Nike iD Studios, Kenny Mack, an iD specialist, handed me the ring of swatches you see above. It’s all the swatches for the Air Max 1 iD Fall Options. Not only that, but they also gave me the old swatch set for the previous AM1 iD options (I’ll be doing something creative with those). The better part of this is, he didn’t tell me that the Fall swatch set came with three new colors not yet available. Two are available for the Air Max 90 and the other is a new color introduced to the palette…

*For the record, this is only a preview of a possible update. I don’t know when they will be launched or which ones will be in-studio exclusive and which will be on the Nike iD builder. As soon as I know, you’ll know. So for now, enjoy this nice preview.*

The above color is the Chlorine Blue hue that is also available for the Air Max 90 iD, but only for in-studio designs. For the AM1, we get this color for the suede option and the leather counterpart also. A nice addition and one very much welcomed by me.

The next color is the Voltage Cherry that is also part of the current AM 90 iD. Just like the Chlorine Blue, it is also available for both the suede and leather materials. Another nice addition over the sparingly used Pink Flash option from the last palette.

Here’s the new color introduced to the AM1 iD. It goes by the name, Solar Flare. It’s a dark toned yellow that is applicable on the suede, leather and the mesh. I already have ideas…lol

So there you have it. An exclusive preview into the next possible update for the Air Max 1 iD with the Fall options for 2010. Hopefully these will release soon, so stay tuned for the official launch…and,  What are your thoughts on these future additions?

All photography by Vagrant Sneaker©. All Rights Reserved.


6 thoughts on “Exclusive: Nike Air Max 1 iD Fall Update 2 Preview

  1. Nice when they are availeble on site ? And vag you send me à list of sites were i can order Nike air max 1 you send it with flickr but i cant found it so my question is can you send me it with email this is my email maxie_flaxie@hotmail.com

  2. Hey, wicked site- about to do up some ID’s at the Studio in HK, wondering if the studios allow us to use colors from previous seasons? I missed out on the “julep” over the summer for the AM1 so I want to incorporate that in my design. Also noticed you’re a big fan of the running silhouettes… but i’m wondering if you know anything about material/colors on the basic AF1 package (not bespoke)? Any help would be appreciated- thanks + keep up with the sick designs!

  3. Hey there!

    Sorry for my, somewhat, off-topic remark but I noticed that nothing is published about the new premium AM1 crepe’s. Next to the fact that they’re just plain awesome, I have problems finding them for online ordering. So I’m wondering if you do know a (online) retailer who is offering those in the region of The Netherlands.

    • Hey Dusted,

      Due to my busy work schedule and some personal agendas, my updates will be minimal. It’s almost holiday season over here and my work load has grown. As far as the Crepe AM1, I’ll post something on it soon and I only know of two stores that got them early. It was Titolo in Switzerland and they are sold out. The other will be in the article..

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