Exclusive: Asics x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte lll “Nice Kicks 2.0” Store Release Re-Cap

[Larger image of above here]

This past Friday, October 1st 2010 was the release of the Asics x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte lll “Nice Kicks 2.0”. I was there again doing a Live Blog for the crazy morning in what was probably the heaviest rain I’ve witnessed in years. No seriously. It was undeniably wet to the point where even my waterproof Gourmet Quadici’s couldn’t keep the rain out; The water dripped into the shoe from my soaked denim. Anyway, I got there at 5:36 am in the morning and there were a few people already there. Some from the previous Ronnie Fieg Asics collab store drop. Join me again on this exclusive pictorial journal of what occurred that morning, with a special appearance from Ronnie F himself…


I arrived to a very dark and massively drenched street. I set up camp with my little stool you see at the bottom of the page. When that was done, I looked around and didn’t notice anyone, but there were two chairs next to mine. So where was everyone? Did they bounce because of the heavy rain?

Since the sun was coming up, I took a photo of the David Z store front with the lonely chair. Look to right of the image…

This is a campers nightmare. A broken chair holding some rain like a soaked baby’s diapers.

As I took the store front photo, I noticed where the morning folks fled to. They all were under another retail spot that provided cover from the rain.

It was also a bit cold as you can see from this fan rubbing his hands up and down.

We were all trying to keep dry, but no matter what you had on, it couldn’t prevent this major rain from the storm.

A couple more people arrived at the Banana Republic rain cover spot.

Since it was getting close to the release and one David Z employee arrived, everyone decide to head over to the store.

Everyone with their umbrellas out. It was such a bad morning, but it would soon be worth the effort.

Store gates are up and we are patiently waiting to get in.

Only one per person buddy! Wait your turn…

The Bouncer with the VIP list.

A smile from a happy camper finally getting his pair.

Another tired and exhausted, but happy customer.

Ronnie Fieg came trough and was asked by a few fans if they could get his autograph on the boxes of the Asics Nice Kicks. He happily obliged.

One more time and for the last time this year, it’s over for this Ronnie F. Asics release. It was a grueling night with the rain never letting up and if it did, it did for a minute and than came back harder. For me and the other customers there, it was well worth the rain-soaking camp out. Though my mind at one point did say to turn back, my gut said the hell with it because you only live once and sneaker enthusiasts around the world that can’t make it, would have loved to be given the opportunity I had.

Where as others may say “It’s just a Grey shoe”, I say don’t knock it until you actually see it and feel it. You want premium materials? check, You like buttery suede? check, You want a shoe that can fit with any outfit? check, You like classic silhouettes? check, You want a price point that doesn’t break the back? check. I can keep going, but I hope you get the idea. Remember, and I’ll say this until the day I leave this life, “Simplicity Is The Key to Any Design”.

Shout out to everyone that was there keeping each other company. Big shout out to Mat Halfhill for another great design. Extra Big Ups for another stellar year in Asics Gel Lyte lll’s to Ronnie Fieg. Lets see if you can top this years releases, next year…

Until than, keep your shoes on your feet and keep warm this winter everyone.

*Also, for those wondering why my pictures are in black and white as opposed to posting them in color. I figure I do them in grey scale to give a nod to the shoe being Grey.

All Photography By Vagrant Sneaker©. All Rights Reserved


8 thoughts on “Exclusive: Asics x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte lll “Nice Kicks 2.0” Store Release Re-Cap

  1. Sick Shoes Man !

    Nice Work Vag !

    And The AM1 Purpeen are great shoes i have them now for 5 months i think and its a fantastic shoe ! i put the black laces in it. You say its a bit to dark but for the winter it’s great. And i got a tip for you one of my friends has the solar red put the laces of the Parra’s in it it looks great.

  2. Real good write up V and looking amazing on these pics!! Love em’.. Had it not been for my current status I would’ve been there rain and all.. lol.. Your blog is definitely rocking it bro!!

  3. Lovin the pics *thumbs up*
    gunna unDS mine at Comic Con this weekend 🙂
    now lets see if he drops some “Super Greens”
    with Chlorophyll green that would be SICKKKK

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