Coming Soon: New Balance 1500UKG Limited Edition

Just when you think the New Balance year can’t get any better… We were given the NB 1300JP earlier this year. Yesterday the NB 1300CL drops out of nowhere and now Hanon drops this bomb. A limited edition New Balance 1500UKG in a wooden box. Now I’m no NB expert, but this may be a first for this wooden box presentation. If not, someone out there correct me. Anyway, these are going to be exclusive to Hanon with only 50 pairs being released. Yup, ONLY 50 amigos. Check out the shoe and when they release after the break..


These beauties will see release in Mid-November according to New Balance Live and only at Hanon. You best be ready with your speedy connection and clicks to grab a pair because you already know what the reseller prices could be for these. Stay tuned for the actual launch date and price…


2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: New Balance 1500UKG Limited Edition

  1. Oh man.. I almost fell off my chair here at work.. lol.. All I gotta say is WOW.. However, this whole 50 pair only exclusive bullshit really is a turn off.. IMO, this whole hype of let’s see who gets to it first shit is already old and really frustrating to sneaker lovers like myslef.. been doing this too long already and I’m sure it’s not going to stop.. oh well.. rant over.. LOL..

    • Yeah man. I feel you on that. It all about the luck of the draw when it comes to these type of releases. Especially at such a low quantity. Oh well. Let’s see what happens when I take a shot at it.

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