My second Nike Air Max 1 iD called ‘Orange Peel‘ showed up yesterday. If you read my Fresh Look report on these new options, you would already notice something familiar with these. The make-up is almost the same. Right down to the use of the Crepe out-sole option. Click ahead as I explain a little more about this design…

The Idea

This design was based off two Nike AM1 iD’s I currently own from the Spring and Summer iD 2010 options. One of them is my Nike Air Max 1 iD “J4 Bred” and the other is the Nike iD idea. With a combination of some concepts from both designs, I came up with this. Something very simple and clean. Yes, it has the same color-blocking as my M.No1972 iD, but this was something I was waiting to do. I actually wanted to do it before, but wanted to wait for the Fall options to be added. That was a mistake, since the entire palette changed. Though, I think this came out better with these options anyway.


For this Nike iD, I decide to stick with as much of the synthetic suede as I could. With this new iD builder, you can only use it on the mudguard, swoosh, and quarter panel. The front and back overlays can only use the full grain leather. So for those parts, I colored the front with Utility Orange and the back in Black. Than, the swoosh in the Light Charcoal hue and the mid-sole is painted in Silver. To finish it off, the added crepe out-sole (Nike in-studio only) is added instead of the waffle sole and the air unit is kept in the generic Silver. Again, a simple and clean design with colors I like. (Speaking about the crepe sole. I actually wore my first Nike iD design today and liked the way it felt when I walked on them. It’s kinda hard to describe but, they were comfy)

Wrap Up

Once again, I’m very happy with the results of my design. Minus, the toe-box as always. One thing does bug me a little though. If they are keeping the mid-sole option in silver, why would they change the grey hue to Light Charcoal? They should have just kept the silver in there. Though, I do like the contrast of the darker Grey on the black, lead by the Silver on the mid-sole. Also, I wish the air bubble had more color options. I think an added Utility Orange air bubble would have made the design perfect.

I may do another design where I use a bit more color. Four in total. First, time to move on to making a couple of Air Max 90 iD’s…



Full Grain Leather

Synthetic Suede (felt)

Crepe Out-Sole



Utility Orange

Light Charcoal


[Click images for larger view]

The bottom of the crepe sole comes covered with a plastic film to prevent it from sticking to the box paper.

Here’s the alternate look with the Utility Orange Laces.

They also give you the option to get another pair of laces for free. It’s about time this happened again and it’s a very welcomed option.

All Photography By Vagrant Sneaker©. All Rights Reserved.


Customizer: Nike Air Max 1 iD “Orange Peel”

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