Now that Spring and Summer are gone, it’s time for the Fall/Winter season. That means bringing out the proper footwear for the coming weather. Shoes with  materials that can combat the rain and winds like Gortex, Ripstop, Leather, etc. The same can be said for the current Nike iD palette, for some models, which now house the Fall options. Two obvious ones are the two synthetic leathers. One in a smooth full grain leather and the other in the form of a Boot Leather (in-studio only). They also added nicer earth tone colors and kept the previous synthetic suede on some parts of the Air Max 1 iD Fall Options.

Join me as I break down the shoe and hear my overall opinion on these new options in this ‘Fresh Look‘ report…

The idea:

I wanted to create a color-way that represented something I loved when I was growing up as  kid. That something was me building model airplanes. Specifically WWll ones. My favorite from the bunch was the P40 WarHawk Fighter. See the similarities?


One of the awesome options of using Nike iD, is being able to use different materials for your shoe. Allowing you to create a make-up that you want and at times, be truly yours. This time, Nike took it three steps forward by allowing not one, nor two but five different materials to use. Two only selectable at the Nike iD in-store studio. The Boot Leather and the Crepe out-sole (an unfinished type of gummy sole). They also updated the mesh which is now a much tighter woven one. Kudos for that because it’ll prevent the rain from penetrating faster.

On my design, I implemented all the material options available. I used the boot leather on the mud-guard/toe-cap, full grain leather on the swoosh, front and back overlay, synthetic suede on the quarter panel, and used the crepe out-sole. Thus, giving me a make-up ready for the coming rainy and cold days. Oh, and as far as the quality, don’t expect a Bespoke here folks. You pay for what you get and at $125, they are pretty damn good. Personally, I’m happy overall but I do have a few gripes that will go into my Wrap-Up.


The colors changed again this time around but, taking away the nice and bright hues for the spring and summer. Now you can expect some darker and earthier tones to fit right in with the coming months. The only thing is that, since the palette got rebooted, there are only a few colors to choose from right now. This only allowing you to design a limited amount of color-way’s. Let’s hope that the previous trend of adding colors to these options, as they did with the S/S 2009-10, continues.


The Air MAx 1 is still the best selling iD over all the 150 plus Nike models available in the online builder. Funny thing is, it would even be more successful if Nike changed one thing. The Shape (look at this and compare to this). Some of you may not even know what I’m talking about because you don’t pay attention to it as some other sneaker enthusiasts do. That’s ok, wear what you like but, I hope you understand a little of what I’m talking about. If you don’t, no worries. I will be doing a video review and breaking it down for you by comparing the two linked models.

For some, the shape is the main reason they will never order one. The ’06-’07 AM1 iD was much more acceptable, but the factory that made those closed down and a new one opened up. As to what happened to that mold and why they couldn’t use it instead of this, will be a mystery. One thing for sure though, you can expect these to be the same silhouette as the ’09-’10 iD.

One good thing is that the toe-box is slighter better than last, which is a good thing. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many AM1 iD’s I returned because of off shaped toe-box’s and these arriving at my door step only made me think of just that. Thankfully, they are fine as you can see from the image above.

Wrap Up

Nike iD allows you to pick a Nike shoe model and create something that you want. Though it does limit you on what you can choose when it comes to materials and colors, in the end you will have something very unique to you. As far as the the quality, it may not be on par to what some may like, but for $125 these are not bad at all. In fact, they are just fine and better than general release Nike’s. Yes, the shape is still bad but not as horrble as can be. For me, it is what it is and I’m used to it. Will I be making a lot like before? No, I’ll stick to just a few designs that I have cooked up.

My gripes lie again, with the toe-box. If Nike could get this right with the obvious faults of the oddly shaped mudguard (slopes too much), you would have a nicer shape. Than there’s the spotty midsole paint. It’s not bad at times, but it can be annoying when you get a pair with it. The boot leather seems a little different than the samples. On my iD’s they seemed a little rougher. The last thing is, the tongue tag can only be the color of whatever the mesh is. Kinda liked it the way it was before. Again, these materials are all pre-cut so don’t expect much of this to change.

Whether you base your shoe over an idea or just a combination of colors, Nike iD brings the fun back to shoes. Where we are now in a state where re-sellers and companies have ruined what it was like to walk into a store and buy a special something because you like it, now we have folks that could care less about the product and are just here to make a buck of the true shoe lovers.

Wear what you like and keep the shoes on your feet…

Enjoy the images.



Boot Leather

Full Grain Leather

Synthetic Suede (felt)

Crepe Out-Sole

Colors – Grove Green, Utility Orange, Vibrant Yellow, Black and White

[Click images for larger view. Also on my Flickr]

The pictures below are the reason I decide to go outside and redo my photo session. Here, the mesh looks black and not Grove Green.

Tongue tags will be the color of whatever mesh you choose.

Spotty mid-sole paint.

They also give you the option to get another pair of laces for free. It’s about time this happened again and it’s a very welcomed option.

Bonus: This was one of the spots for the sessions today.

PhotographPhotography by Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker©. All rights reserved. You want to use my images? Make sure you give me credit and link back to my blog. That’s all I ask.

’06 -’07 Nike AM1 iD design and image by ZBONA.


Fresh Look: Nike Air Max 1 iD “M.No1972” – Fall Options 2010

3 thoughts on “Fresh Look: Nike Air Max 1 iD “M.No1972” – Fall Options 2010

  1. Like I mentioned before, awesome work bro!! Really liking these a lot!! Great pics and write up as well!! Just one question, what does the “M.No1972” stand for?? lol..

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