Contest: Gourmet “You Send, We Post”

Here’s a pretty cool contest by the guys over at Gourmet brand. If you have a proper picture of yourself wearing any Gourmet shoe, you can submit it to this contest. The prize? Five of their shoes for you. Check out the details after the break, with some of the entries already sent.

3 Easy Rules:

1)  take a photo of you wearing Gourmet.  Make sure it is crispy and clear.

2)  email us that photo at

3) Winner with the best photo will receive 5 Gourmet’s of there choice…

All entries will be posted on DuJuor for the next 2 months and a winner will be picked on Thanksgiving.  Again, tell a friend to tell a friend.

– Buscemi

Good luck everyone! …and you know I had to enter…

[The above two are my entries.]


One thought on “Contest: Gourmet “You Send, We Post”

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