Exclusive: Asics x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte lll “The Cove” Store Release Re-Cap

This past Friday, September 3 2010 was the release of the highly anticipated Asics x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte lll “The Cove”. With this, this and this building up so much hype, the “I Need These In My Life” factor grew stronger. So knowing this would be a sought after shoe, I decide to go in earlier than normal. More so, than any of my prior purchases of the RF Asics projects at the David Z flagship store.

Join me as I take you on a pictorial journey of the events that unfolded that day, as I did another Live Blog from the David Z flagship store release…

[click all images for larger view]

If you did join me on my Live Blog of this event, you would’ve known that I started to head to the David Z store at 5:00 am. The prior night I spoke to my friend TC about the release, and he also decide to join. All because of my conversation of me stating that this would be Ronnie Fieg’s best release to date and a lot of people would want it. A lot…

When I got there, it was no surprise that there were fans there already. A line up of 6 guys deep were all chill’n and waiting for the hours to wind down. My friend TC was already there, so I set up shop (the last chair in the row is me) and took my place in line. Next, I decide to head over to the front of the line and ask everyone at what time they started to arrive. The very first two on line were there since 4:00 am and the next four got there between the hours of 4:30 am to 5:00 am.

As the hours past on by, expectancy for the release grew. Tired of sitting, a few got up to converse about the prior Ronnie Asics’s and how this one matched up to them. Through the conversation, all agreed that this was his best release to date. The reasons? It was all about the pictures released and the overall color of the shoe. A color you must see in real life because pictures don’t’ do it justice at all.

At 8:41 am, I spoke to the man of the hour, Mr. Ronnie Fieg. He wanted me to take down everyone’s order, that was there waiting at the store, for breakfast. This was a sweet surprise and a much appreciated one. A small gesture like this goes a long way and let’s you know a little more about Ronnie Fieg. Thanks for taking care of your fans!

The first picture above is when sQMunro showed up to bring our breakfast sandwiches and some orange juice. After that, he got down to business and started to do captures of his own.

At about fifteen to 10:00 am, the David Z store opens it’s gates up. One worker started to go down the line to takes names and shoe sizes for a list. This is when we found out that there would only be 18 pairs of “The Cove” for the store. A few on line were very surprised at the allocated amount, because they wanted to buy doubles and you were only allowed to buy one. Sorry to the extra folks that showed up and left empty handed, because the line kept getting deeper and deeper by the second. Way past eighteen…

The release is finally over. The Coves sold out online, at the David Z web store, in two minutes and thirty seconds. A record breaking sell out that exceeded any of his prior releases. At the store we were all very happy that we got our pair with an added bonus of breakfast from Ronnie Fieg. Above are four of the lucky guys that were able to grab the shoe.

Below you will find a small and very fast done outdoor PSE. This was done with TC’s pair also. The first two shots were done on the corner of Houston and Broadway. The rest were taken at a park near by. Just simple point and click  shots for my personal catalog that I will share with you.

Normally, I color correct the shoes I buy. I do this to give the viewer an accurate presentation of what the actual color looks like. With these shots, I couldn’t do it. Ronnie created a color that is so rich and different, I can’t seem to locate the right mixture of hues. Even Ronnie’s product pics are not accurate. They are very close, but no cigar. That’s because he didn’t use just one Pantone color. He mixed a few to get the unique hue.

This is one of those shoe’s that pictures don’t do it justice. You HAVE to see these in person to understand the color. You also have to touch them to see the type of premium suede they are built with. I thought the Navy/Aqua were premium (and they are).  These just took the word premium to another level. You could tell by the touch of the buttery suede and the overall weight of the shoe. For a runner, it is very heavy.

So for now, enjoy these pics. I will be doing another PSE, but with detailed shots. Also, shout out to TC, Berto, Taylor, Eddie, Allen and Rich for the cool company. Hopefully I’ll catch some you again on the next one and of course, big shout out to Ronnie for a beautiful shoe and to sQMunro for bringing us breakfast.

Catch you all on the next one…

Photography By Vagrant Sneaker©. All rights reserved.


11 thoughts on “Exclusive: Asics x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte lll “The Cove” Store Release Re-Cap

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  3. Its all good bro, dope ass day with some dope ass people, keep it up with the website man
    you can catch me on tumblr as well eddiemcfly.tumblr.com
    see you at the next release!!!!!

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