Exclusive Refresher Look: Reebok Pump Fury Superlite – Detailed Images

I brought you the world exclusive on these back in October, 2009. The images were posted somewhere else and all I did was put a link to my article from my site, to their’s. Today, I will give a Refresher Look into these bad boys. Especially since Reebok is finally going to release this model. I also included images that were not in that article and I color corrected them too.

If you have ever seen the original Reebok INSTA Pump Fury, you’ll immediately recognize some major changes. This new model comes in a much leaner silhouette. The shape now looks like the popular sock liner design, though this model is not a seamless one piece. Instead of the durasheen/leather combo upper that the original model has been seen in, this one comes with a very big open perf toe box, instep, side paneling and back heel.

It’s original mid and outsole is replaced with a new Reebok mid and outsole (the Ventilator Theory also has the same sole). Flip the shoe upside down and you can view, what looks to be, a form of “Supra Light Hardened Carbon“. These fixed carbon composite fibers allow the shoe to have a very light weight and powerful platform in the aerodynamics department for trainers.

Looking at them again, I’m actually still looking forward to grabbing a pair. I know there’s a few pictures of other color-ways out there too, but these simple one tone color-up’s are nice.

Enjoy the images and excuse the photos. These were taking back when I was still learning my camera.

[click images for larger view]

Photography By Vagrant Sneaker©. All Rights Reserved.


4 thoughts on “Exclusive Refresher Look: Reebok Pump Fury Superlite – Detailed Images

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    • You really have these? Are u talking about the black/orange soles? Where did u get them because these haven’t been released yet, at least not in states. I heard they’re supposed to be released in Hong Kong within the last week of September.

  2. I havent seen or heard of any stockist that has them. These were in a store on display for a few days and they allowed me to take photos. Trust me, I want a pair too so when I know, I’ll do another post.

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