News Break: Nike x Dave White Air Stab

If you’ve been following the 10th anniversary of Size?, you would have noticed that they been very busy releasing a lot of collaborations. One that recently released is the Puma x Size? x Sneaker Freaker R698 Pack. So, how could Size? possibly make their 10th anniversary even better than it already is? Well, I received a tip from someone saying that the unreleased Dave White Air Stabs could possibly be the badda bing, badda boom release. Could it be? Well, it does seem like a stretch to re-release a sample shoe from a few years back. But if so, it could be the sweetest release for Size?’s overall anniversary. Time will tell though, as this is a word of mouth writing. So, keep your fingers crossed and hope this is a fact.

If it is, you know where you heard it first. Catch another image after the break and big thanks to tipster Son Of Solo from the UK.

BTW, I don’t remember where I got the first image. It was in my photo collection and grabbed it for the post. If you’re the owner, please e-mail me at for credit.


2 thoughts on “News Break: Nike x Dave White Air Stab

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